#MotivationalMondays- I Want You, I Need You, Oh Pavement, Oh Pavement

I’ll be the first to tell you during a power failure in an office environment, that I am dreading taking the emergency exit…which requires the tiniest effort of walking down the stairs.

I’d rather be airlifted by helicopter with Justin Timberlake as the pilot than actually “huff and puff” and use my leg muscles to exit the building quickly.

You may be wondering why I even have a blog geared towards the fitness realm after that little reveal.

I’ll be honest…I have been a cardio hater for years…unless it involved masking itself as dance and somehow afterwards I had managed to burn 500 calories without even noticing it was work.

It wasn’t until about a year or so ago that I actually began enjoying cardio. I’m not talking about the plod away on the elliptical, stair master, or treadmill kind. The kind that you actually look forward to…like it’s a first date all over again.

For me, that’s running…usually outside. It gets my adrenaline pumping like no other. It’s probably equivalent to a guy boner. (All you runners know what I’m talking about.)

Since I’ve started work, my workouts have been forcibly placed on the endangered species list. I’m desperately trying to keep my head above water, but with my commute being almost 2 hours and me working mainly closings, I only have time for sleeping and eating (dark chocolate) of course.

My workouts have literally run away from me. I’ve been chasing them down for the past two weeks, but barely getting in like 3 runs a week. (For me, this is like Biggest Loser SLACKING.)

I’ve been supplementing my long runs with quick tabatas and the abs challenge with Jen Morgan for this month, but it’s just not making me have that “OMG, I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby” rush that I get when I pound pavement.

And with that, we have the climax presented to you in the form of a dreadmill treadmill interval workout…(this was done in a hotel gym might I add as it had been almost 3 weeks without seeing the bf…talk about killing two birds with one stone 😉 ) #getafterit #teamproductivity #OHWASTHATTMI?

PS- I warmed up for 2-3 minutes before hopping into this. You may want to otherwise your hammy’s and quads may not be able to get you out that emergency fire exit or up those stairs at work the next day!

What have your workouts been looking like? Are you a fan of cardio or running? Do you strength train on the same days you do cardio? 

Peace, love, and running-gasms!


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2 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- I Want You, I Need You, Oh Pavement, Oh Pavement

  1. 2 hours commute??? What?? Are you staying in a hotel during the week just for work? I is confused…

    • choc3178 says:

      yeah- the commute is wretched. we have to park 15 minutes away since it’s a small town and walk to the store for work which is ridiculous (especially in this frigid weather!) I’m trying not to complain but it’s wearing on me. I have to leave my house a whole 2 hours before when it normally should take me an hour and 15 minutes all bc of traffic and parking so far away. I’m hoping to transfer stores (some place bigger with parking in the actual lot) once I reach team member status in another couple of months.

      haha, no I didn’t stay in a hotel just for work. It was a weekend getaway a few weeks ago with the bf. 🙂

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