#MotivationalMondays- The “Make Retail Your Bitch” Workout

Retail and me are getting off to a slightly rocky start. I feel like I’m climbing the Himalayas every day followed by involuntarily partaking in a flamboyantly sweaty cardio session with Richard Simmons when reaching the top.

In the past week, I’ve actually shockingly made it to the gym 5 days even though I worked like a fiend for most.

I am retail’s bitch right now, but I’m planning on making retail my bitch within the next couple of weeks.

I do lunges, squats, triceps, biceps, back, abs, and probably several other muscle groups that I am failing to think of right now…all while at work.

Those cakes, cookies, muffins, and bread boxes are heavy, which makes you really stop and think about how just how much you DON’T need that crap in your own body. (but the little voice inside your head always says you do)

Here are 5 moves which get your blood pumping and bodies toned all without the use of a jam packed resolution filled gym! (can’t guarantee you won’t need to change your shirt after though) đŸ˜‰

These can be performed on the job with boxes or at home with dumbbells, resistance bands, or kettlebells.

How are your workouts coming along in the New Year? What are your short term goals for the next few months?

Peace, love, and no retail excuses!


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