#MotivationalMondays- E is for Emotion-less?

Christmas Eve. Normally I would be one thousand shades of excited and hungry for all the desserts which come around but once per year.

This year…um, well, it’s like an empty table. I have no thoughts or feelings regarding this holiday. I’ve run out of “Christmas gas”. I’ve even tried recharging my life batteries by taking almost a week off of my usual routine of blogging, working out religiously, and being a general type “A”.

Nothing has helped.

I wish this was the reason why...it kills me that I cannot figure out the answer!

A plus…comes in the form of an unexpected phone call…I will be starting work earlier than projected…a.k.a. the day after tomorrow…at least that puts a small yet flavorful (I’ll be working in the Whole Foods bakery) plate on my barren table.

To win over my stubborn subconscious, I tried glittering and sparkling and high heeling everything (including the boyf) last night. It brought a smile to my face, but inside….I have to be honest…I didn’t get that amazing “I AM AWESOME, LIFE IS GOOD” feeling I usually get when dressing up or spending time with someone I love. (Yeah, I’m well aware this is probably some kind of depression…and I have NO idea why it’s chosen to show (or not show) it’s emotionless face as of now.)

Here’s a Cheers to Heels workout I did in my hotel room last night:

What have been your experiences with the holidays? I hope your tables are filled with four course meals, desserts, and most importantly…EMOTIONS! 🙂

Peace, love, and Christmas!


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2 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- E is for Emotion-less?

  1. Melissa Love says:

    I’ve felt that way about a month ago. Just couldn’t kick the funk nits finally gone so that’s a plus!! Thanks for sharing the leg workout – I needed something to do 🙂 Merry Christmas 🙂

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