#MotivationalMonday- I Am A Buche De Noel But Bandz A Make Me Dance

If you aren’t familiar with first part of this ridiculous title, it’s a pastry. This decadent 3-part cake is a hot holiday item and is available in chocolate or vanilla.

It's a traditional "Yule Log", but you know we had to be all french about it. Nope, it's not one bit healthier when you say it in French either.

How do I know this?

Orientation this past weekend at Whole Foods. We learned so much information in a span of two days I’m pretty sure that I honestly have no idea how I got home. I have a work hangover. It’s possible. It’s almost been near cured with way too much peanut butter and dark chocolate squares, but that’s why I have posts like this. To show I’m human and that falling off of the wagon is fine, as long as you can still see over your belly when you try and get back on.

The past few days I’ve shaken more people’s hands and had to remember more people’s names than Prezzy Obama. As an introvert, I’m mentally, physically, and dirtily exhausted. (if that makes any sense)

My hands are trembling from not only the sugar overload, but the info overload. Notes had to be taken and to make matters worse…when you place gingerbread scones, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, coconut macaroons, and dark chocolate in front of me all at once, what do you think happens?


It for sure doesn’t begin or end with self restraint. It begins with eyes bigger than your stomach and ends with a sugar high and a personal low as you’re favorite North Face sits in cookie monster ruin while you nurse bloating and dead brain cells.

In short, yep, I’m a Buche De Noel. Saturday was worse than Sunday with the overconsumption of sweets, but I’m blaming it on hibernation season mixed with not enough sleep the night before.

I had to kick my own Buche De Noel‘s ass with some form of exercise, as I have been SLACKING.

I ran twice this week ONLY. This hasn’t happened since about a year ago. It makes me a wreck inside. I’m unable to think properly and plagues me to the point where I have pavement fantasy dreams.

I’m lucky enough to still have my Anytime Fitness membership active (I received it for free via FitFluential almost a year ago!) SO GRATEFUL! 🙂

I hauled my ass to the gym and incorporated Maria’s compound movements workout she had posted on her blog the other day. For someone who hasn’t raised a glass, let alone a weight over her head in about a month, this definitely sent some chicks flying around my head. (you know, the dizzy ones, NOT the Hooters ones)

…Such a great way to sweat though.

Onto the next…because you know I don’t feel accomplished until I’ve truly beaten the crap out of myself…

Bandz A Make Her Dance

I honestly hate this song. It lacks artistic integrity, but it’s so damn catchy and I have a weird kind of amusement with rappers that spell words with “Z’s” instead of “S’s”…so here we go…

Oh and I almost forgot…Christmas is literally less than 10 days away! This is the first year it just feels like nothing to me. I’m listening to Christmas music but not phased. Oh life…

What are your plans for the holidays? Have you been keeping up with your workouts?

Peace, love, and bandzzzz!


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3 Responses to #MotivationalMonday- I Am A Buche De Noel But Bandz A Make Me Dance

  1. Kierston says:

    Definitely keep up with my workouts!

    I love elastic bands…they are on my xmas wishlist!

  2. Ahhhh! I don’t want to be responsible for those chicks knocking you out!!! 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed the workout though! <3

    I don't know what I would do if I had to work around all those sweets every day! Power to you! But I know you can handle it. 🙂

    I have resistance bands that I haven't looked at in almost a year! I think I shall pull them out and try this sometime.

    • choc3178 says:

      actually, I’ve been doing a few of your workouts lately when I am pressed for time. They are coming in handy and then sometimes I’ll add in some more moves if I’m feeling up to it, so please continue with the workout sharing 😉 Yes, the sweets are pretty intense, but luckily we aren’t allowed to touch them unless they are losses for the night!

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