12 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make Right Now

2013 is practically knocking on our doors begging to be let into our lives and speak with us about what we intend to do with it.

In my 2013 fantasy: I offer 2013 into my home warmly and we’d toast with some Malbec kicking back and discussing all the great things to come in the year ahead with the latest episode of New Girl (that I MISSED…AGAIN) playing in the background.

I’d assume 2013 looks well-rested, confident, sturdy and has one of those obnoxious foam number one fingers flailing around. (All for me of course)

2013 is my own personal cheerleader and for once, I don’t feel compelled to give anything back. (well, maybe a trip to an exotic island to tan that otherwise flawless complexion of theirs)

Once you live a healthy, active lifestyle… you crave broccoli, endorphins, Jillian Michaels podcasts, and shopping in the small section like it’s brushing your teeth.

For me, it never gets boring, and guess what? I set new goals and resolutions every. day. This is no different from last year’s post…other than I now have a much more positive outlook on life and have experienced a tremendous emotional and professional growth.

Here are some resolutions you really should print out and post in a place where you can’t escape it (RIGHT NOW):

1. Make a resolution RESOLUTE.  Envision yourself doing this. Don’t make the resolution unattainable or something like skydiving in Bora Bora. That belongs on a BUCKET LIST. The following is something we can all relate to…Forgive this example as it’s cliche, but people forgo the treadmill after 3 weeks in January in favor of the latest edition of store chocolate displays and wind up eating their feelings into the next holiday (Valentine’s Day). They didn’t make it work for themselves. Don’t be an excuse maker and get a buddy to reinforce your resolutions!

2. CLEAN the mess. Whether it’s your office, car, or home, the pile of boxes, unwashed dishes, or statue of laundry rivaling the tower of Pisa, you need to clean it up. It will NOT go away on its own no matter how much you wish the guy from Thunder From Down Under will magically appear and somehow make this task more appealing. (if that’s your thing)

3. SCHEDULE your time. Yes, schedule even the basic stuff like grocery stores and other errands. I set my phone alarms every time I need to switch to a new task and let me tell you, it has made my production speed go through the roof! (I like Google Calendar and my iCAL)

4. MOVE and do a lot of it. Desk jobs are the devil’s advocate of exercise. Lunches in the office are even worse. Dinners at the office should be hung by their dead carcasses. Make sure you change your scenery if you have a job which demands more sitting than standing time. Go for a walk, take a workout class during your l-break, or don’t commute by rail, bus, or car to work. (PS-since beginning writing this, I have already gotten up and sat down 3 times!)

5. SAY “NO” to negative nancy. This used to be my daily life problem. I happen to coexist with a family of these nancies and no, two negatives do NOT make a positive in real life. I suggest hitting the ignore button or politely declining a dinner invitation which you know is just code for “let’s critique this restaurant like we’re well-paid 1970’s New York Times food reviewers.” (this is putting it nicely)

6. SEVEN HOURS….of sleep per night. I know most of you Americans are rolling your tired eyes at this one, but it’s a necessity. Guess what sleep controls? Cortisol, which is responsible for creating fat cells in our bodies. The less you sleep, the heavier you may be. TIVO will always be your friend and waiting for you on the weekend with the latest episode of Hart of Dixie, so don’t wait up.

7. Gratitude check. Every morning before beginning the day write one thing you are grateful for. Every night before you go to bed, write another you are grateful for. This brings us down to earth and makes our brains aware that we aren’t vampires and we will not live forever, so we must be thankful and grateful for the now.

8. SPICE up your FOOD. When I had a “real” job I used to get depressed for some of my co-workers around me. Every day either they bought from the same food establishment or brought the same thing from home. Yeah, PB &J is great for a once in a while lunch, but seriously? Food SHOULD taste good! Try incorporating a new spice or hosting a potluck lunch or dinner to see what new things are out there!

9. Background noise is only a positive if it’s music and you like what’s playing. Don’t you hate when you’re in a public place or at work and they play the same soundtrack, radio station, or playlist over and over again? Switch it up by asking to be the DJ at work, peruse iTunes for some new music, or frequent another store you wouldn’t typically shop in. Different types of music creates different kinds of brain wavelengths, which may even make you smarter! 😉

10. WRITE down your soda and alcohol consumption. I was listening to someone speak the other day about how we automatically will scale back when speaking to a practitioner about our drinking habits. (This goes for soda too!) There is no point in lying. These people see thousands of people worse off than you. By letting them know you actually consume 6-8 alcoholic beverages a week or that you drink soda every day, it’ll help them piece together why you have certain ailments.

11. FREAKING EAT BREAKFAST. Such a cliche, but so true and so important. Don’t eat wheaties or sugary cereals, but if you can shove a banana (yeah, I know, dirty minds) and some PB into your system, you won’t feel like you’re stranded in a desert by 10 AM.

12. BE spontaneous. So many people are married to their jobs, husbands, kids, activities, board meetings, and to do lists. While this is a to do list as well, it won’t make you complete unless you perform this last step. I find that when I play hooky for a day or book a trip for a week somewhere or hold on, this one is a wild one…WORKOUT in the morning, I have a greater appreciation for my life and also a sense of clarity. It makes you feel alive and in control when sometimes feeling governed by so many other external factors. It’s kind of like chocolate pudding pie without the guilt. KIND OF.

So there you have it. Don’t let yourself go (either mentally or physically) around these last couple of weeks before 2013. Bookmark this list when you need a boost or willpower to stay away from the holiday party table of doom.

What are your resolutions? Do you make new ones as the year progresses or start all over for the next year? How do you track your progress?

Peace, love, and 12, 12, 12!


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7 Responses to 12 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make Right Now

  1. I LOVE THIS. Thank you for being such a rock star. You give a great (and necessary!) kick in the ass 😉

  2. purelylori says:

    great ideas for thinking of 2013 and setting out new goals! I tend to make new goals all the time 🙂

  3. Great resolution missus! =)
    I’ve never been good at resolutions. I like the term goals better. 😉

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