When In Doubt, Oat It Out

Oats is one of those words that gets uber weird after repeating it about 4 times. Very similar to “Peter Piper Picked A Peck of Pickled Peppers.” (Had to read and edit that three times over…and that was just writing it)

I’ve exercised my oat right to include this magnificently versatile grain into nearly every meal this past week. Some were not so successful and ended up in the garbage faster than the MTV pilot of Buck Wild will. Others were scrumptious. (specifically the sweeter recipes)

Last week, I also discovered even. more. wrinkles. They say at 25 everything “goes downhill” and for me gravity has been working it’s sneaky magic since I was 20, starting with my thighs. Well last week, we add even more of my face to the “I’m 25 but look 45” list. (This is the time I so wish I were a man…)

I chose to get my big girl pants on and not cry over it, as this just eventually creates even more wrinkles. Oats don’t seem like they are even capable of containing the fountain of youth or holding my tears, but at least they taste good!

But before the oats…My parents purchased another convection oven…after I most likely contributed to the cause of the last one’s demise. Nope…they still won’t schedule a repairman for the REAL one that was broken almost 8 months ago! (This is like a writer without pen and paper to a fastidious baker like myself!)

The stainless steel on the new Oster oven was just begging to be fingerprinted. (and then later freaked out about due to my analness)

Fingerprinted it was!

I cooked two small batches of flourless cookies, utilizing Quaker oats (I know, I know, how GMO of me!) as the primary binder of ingredients.

First batch involved banana, oats, almond milk, and two eggs.

Second batch was all of the above plus chopped pecans.

Spoon onto cookie sheet and bake in a regular oven for 12-15 minutes at 350.

Yep, that’s it! (sweetener may be added if you desire) (you could even pour this into a bread pan and make it into a banana oat bread too) (all about versatility in the kitch!)

Let me just say thank god I was disconnected from all social media at the time, otherwise these thangs would’ve burnt. They cooked in the small convection oven in about 5 minutes!! (hello efficiency!)

The turn out? Moist and banana-y…and they made me stop crying over petty things I can’t control…like ageing!

My very picky non-banana lover mother even batted an eyelash towards them!

 Do you use oats when you cook? What’s your favorite thing to make?

Peace, love, and oats!


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4 Responses to When In Doubt, Oat It Out

  1. Kierston says:

    I love oats. I could eat them all day long 🙂

  2. YUM! I’ve got to try these!

    • choc3178 says:

      some people thought they were too “eggy” so maybe add in some extra sugar if you aren’t a fan. haha I could so bathe in eggs, love them forever!

  3. I love eggs too so I may be okay. 🙂

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