Man Down- What’s Oz Got To Do With It?

This picture contains two out of my three favorite things in life.

I am on a yellow brick road. Hopefully I’ll end up in Oz where there are vast amounts of GMO-free foods, state of the art gym equipment and the only injuries you receive are a piece of hay landing in your hair from the Scarecrow.

What’s this all about?


I have been faking myself out into believing I’m bigger and better than Goliath, but in actuality, I’m no more human than the rest of us.

About two months ago, I started having immense cramping/pain in my pec muscle on the right side. At first I chalked it up to iPhone addiction as I always hold it in my right, but the pain became unbearable.

Here’s another thing you should never do when you have an injury or think you do (PS- I never listen)- Keep repeating the same actions over again expecting different results…like actually healing yourself. Yes, this is a very skewed way of thinking, but I actually tricked myself into thinking I was a Hulk master and nothing could permeate my mission to workout.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The only time I can ever remember truly stopping and resting in the past was when I actually sprained my ankles and wrists. (too much gymnastics is a recipe for chronic sprains) It killed me then.

You would think I’d be able to handle resting for a few days, but exercise is truly like an addiction and possibly pringles, once you pop the fun don’t stop.

I continued to attend my exercise classes, but I did modify many upper body exercises and even dropped to lower weight to try and have my injury be lessened.

Maybe I should be a drill sergeant, they NEVER rest. Not even vocally.

I don’t know what exactly is wrong with my chest muscle, but I know it’s getting worse by the day. Online PT’s and google are now telling me it could be torn, which would mean…SURGERY!

Surgery and me are like oil and water. I would rather take a bullet and die than ever get surgery. I also needed a glass of wine after I read this. Ahh the anxiety of the unknown!

So now, I’m in an injured pickle. I have stopped all upper body exercises as of this week, but am not skilled in this area to know what exact kind of physical therapist I should be seeing.

All I know is the pain IS MAJOR on my right pec.

I’d like to get back on this yellow brick road so I can reach the land of exercise glory once again.

If you have any suggestions on what I should be doing/not doing or who I should be seeing, that would be great.

Yelling at my stubborn self is permitted too, just be sure to keep it PG.

I’m going to go and rub my chest now…is that weird? It’s actually not my actual boob, it’s more of the muscle above it, so that’s my justification as of right now. I wonder if I sing “Like A Virgin”, if that’ll make it any better?

Ever had an injury? What was your solution? ( I have a feeling it includes A LOT of the “R” word, a word I try to abolish from my vocabulary.)

Peace, love, and healing!


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8 Responses to Man Down- What’s Oz Got To Do With It?

  1. Caitlin says:

    Oh man girl do I feel you on this. I am lucky enough to have not suffered an injury (knock on wood) yet but I am just so bad at resting. Yes exercise is totally addicting! That R-word to me sometimes feels like it’s Rated R. I would have been just as stubborn. But keep off that upper body and try to picture yourself in the long term, healthy and lifting chest like the beautiful beast you are!

    • choc3178 says:

      aw thanks! yeah it’s incredibly hard to do! It’ll just keep getting worse if I don’t stay off of it though! thank god for lower body!

  2. purelytwins says:

    sorry to hear that your chest is giving you problems, that is no fun. we don’t have that much advice besides of course taking a break from upper body work for a little bit. wish we could help more

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  4. GIIIIIIRRRRRRLLLLLLL!!!!!! You better be careful! We can’t have you getting hurt like that! Take it easy, rest…maybe rubbing some Icy hot will help massage it too???!

    • choc3178 says:

      I know. I’ve been resting for a few days now. It’s killing me. I actually cried about it! I’m such a baby, lol. I’m going to try a massage since I have a gift certificate, so hoping that helps out too

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