-Things To Try Thursdays- Oh Em Ghee!

OMG. Loser, Loser, double loser, as if, whatever, get the picture, duh!

Yes, this get’s thrown into the adolescent (what to do when she calls you a bitch) exclamation hall of fame.

It doesn’t seem to matter if you are from LA or VA, walk into any high school ten years ago and probably still today and you’ll hear some form of the above being fired off like it’s the next hottest GMO product on the market.

Safe to say, I have graduated to more mature terms these days, “#talktothehand, #loser, #truelifeimaddictedtotwitter”.

I’d also like to induct “Oh Em Ghee!” into the exclamation hall of fame…for foodies.

Yesterday, I had the most magnificent breakfast of eggs. I say magnificent because there had been a severe shortage of eggs around the vicinity due to SuperBitch Sandy. The second I spotted a menagerie in Weis, I knew my egg deprivation days were over.

With that, I also purchased Ghee. (no not the most recent season of Glee, GHEE, I said!) It’s clarified butter made from cows and is USDA organic.

In true me fashion, I obviously used it to cook my eggs in instead of PAM spray. If I were Siskel and Ebert, I’d give it two thumbs up! But since I’m not, I’ll just give you a post-reaction after first bite face.

Sleepy faced approval

I know I’m diverging off my dairy track, but hey, it has a USDA organic sticker and check out the nutritional info: 1 tsp = 45 cals, 5 g. saturated fat! (I totally used more than 1 tsp btw)

Smart Balance has been my breakfast torch for a few years now and while I don’t consume it every day, it still could probably be toned down a notch. I think it’s now safe to say the torch has been passed to GHEE.

And the taste, you ask?

It was a blend of savory, sour and sweet. The eggs acted as the nutritional bridge in all of this. It was just what a boring breakfast needed!

Eggs, Ghee, & Herbal coffee, the revised three musketeers!

You can also use GHEE in baking, grilling, marinading, sautéing, frying, and lotioning? Yes. LOTIONING. People have been slathering this stuff all over themselves since Cavemen knew how to milk cows. (Or not?….?)

It’ll cost you about 7-8 bucks, but it’s a worthy investment.

Have you tried Ghee? Do you use butter or margarine in your cooking?

Peace, love, and hail to the GHEE!


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8 Responses to -Things To Try Thursdays- Oh Em Ghee!

  1. Caitlin says:

    Never heard of GHEE! Sounds pretty cool though. In my house we use Promise – I don’t know if it’s butter or margarine? It’s good though! We also use Country Crock because I have a tub of it that I used to make a recipe for a recent blog post 🙂 I have to say this super fun adolescent catch phrase at the beginning of this post totally drew me in! Haha

    • choc3178 says:

      haha! clueless was my movie back in the day! Ghee is awesome! I totally love Promise and Smart Balance though. I’m slowly trying to switch over to a primarily organic diet to improve brain fog and some stomach issues. It’s been going great so far!

  2. KaledoesntmakeyouSmale says:

    love your blog!! Any ghee recipes ? Also, where did you hear of this delightful product? I wonder what the benefits to this are. My little ones love their eggs, so I could use this for that

    • choc3178 says:

      ghee is 100% pure and natural if you make sure to find a brand that is USDA organic. Purity Farms doesn’t disappoint! Saturated fat is considerably lower than generic brands and it doesn’t contain genetically modified oils, which are toxic to humans when consumed over time. I haven’t made any recipes with it yet- just mainly eggs at this point! Let me know if you try it out! thanks for reading 🙂

  3. I’ve never heard of Ghee. I thought I misread and you were talking about Glee. I was SO confused haha. But now I wanna try!

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  5. I need to be better informed on the butter front. I’ve used I can’t believe it’s not butter but I don’t use much butter. I need to try this Ghee since it’s all natural!

    • choc3178 says:

      yes ghee is like a mix between butter and sour cream taste wise, but consistency wise is more buttery. I was skeptical, but now I use it every day! A little goes a long way

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