The Kitchen Sink Minus The Disposal And The Guilt

Girl Rule #45283: If the only way you know the kitchen sink is through dishes and soap scum, you may want to dye your hair brown. (No Offense! I swear I’m not biased or stereotypical…) Have you been living in 1962 under a set of rollers and formaldehyde?

A kitchen sink is not only a godsend for cleanliness, but it’s a code phrase for all the sweet goodness you could ever desire rolled into one delish dessert! Think pre-suffrage movement meets a really excellent sample sale, sprinkled with sweet. Packs just enough punch to get your tastebuds into the foreplay zone ending in a climax leaving you wanting more.

In high school, I attempted with several girlfriends to create the perfect kitchen sink. This included a whole lot of Baker’s dipping chocolate, fruit of every species, and ended up with six sweet-induced comas. After surviving that indulgent episode (a.k.a- best night of my life), I realized we had failed upon waking up the next morning to find my arms covered in hardened chocolate and my mouth salivating like a dog who had just finished the Iditarod. Sugar crashes should end with no guilt and not simulate a drug apocalypse waging war on the body.

In my recent internet food sleuthing, I became inspired when I saw just how many different ways one could create their own kitchen sink. These do not have to come in the form of sweets. You can create your own kitchen sink with any plethora of food types: salads, pizza, pot roast, soups, oatmeal, eggs, etc. So I guess I have to “regulate every shade of that” now.

Being the cavity-inducing sweet lover I am, I chose the chocolate route.

I used this recipe and slightly altered by adding fresh banana, fluff, turtle chex mix, and a scoop of Muscle Milk Chocolate protein. A word of caution: make sure you grind chex mix in food processor or blender before adding to batter otherwise it’ll feel like your biting into petrified wood.

These are holiday adaptable too…use cookie cutters and create snowmen, Santas, dreidels, or Kwanzaa themes. You can always add icing and sprinkles too if the holiday cheerleader in you is not satisfied.

Since I have added extras, I’d say for two cookies it’s more around 300 calories. You have to know that by adding the protein and potassium in, these calories matter more. They are not wasted. As long as you can stop yourself after two, there will be no holiday keg hanging off your waistline! (There is always turkey and ham to accuse as scapegoats for those predictable after-dinner naps.)

Got any traditional holiday family recipes or suggestions? (While I’m partial to sweets, a girl’s gotta have veggies and protein in her diet too, so I’m always open for lunch or dinner recipes as well.)

Drop me your scoop below. I’d appreciate to create several holiday feasts that sweep guests off their feet.


Peace, love, and kitchen sinks!



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