Genetic Roulette & Seeds of Freedom

If you value your life and believe you have the right to know you didn’t sign a consent form to an American science experiment, then listen up!

Last night, I was yet again saved by the NON-GMO bell. Every day it appears is judgment day and I’m saved by the truth about these evil, unnatural ingredients in our food supply and the ruthless companies who create them. (I am convinced members of these companies must have to be transported to hell to learn employee conduct and get a nice Satanical brainwash before beginning work at these places.)

As you know, I have enrolled with Integrative Nutrition. Classes haven’t even started yet and I’m fascinated/stalking the Facebook group like a hawk for some grub.

I’m starving for information and every day I feed on several new pieces, thanks to my IIN colleagues.

A few days ago, a post that caught my wandering eye was two documentaries concerning GMO’s.

The first, Genetic Roulette, is basically about the American people playing with their life without even being aware of it due to GMO consumption and the non existence of labeling them. (…As of yet! We will get there soon!)

If you didn’t draw red horns on Monsanto before, you definitely will after watching this. I won’t reveal too much in case you are so inclined to watch (WHICH YOU SHOULD!), but since the introduction of GMO’s, about 5 million children have developed food allergies and the number is growing exponentially every year. Also, about 90% of Americans have round-up accumulating in our bodies. (Yes, that’s the weed killer.)

That’s just two vital pieces that stuck with me, there is so much more to learn and then share from watching this documentary.

The second documentary, Seeds of Freedom, deals with the agribusiness and biotech companies spreading a falsely positive message of utilizing genetically engineered seeds in farms across the world to create a stronger crop yield that’s more “nutrient-rich”. (yeah right!)

Some countries, like India, don’t even receive a choice when approached by these companies. Or, they make it sound so good, (while wearing their devil horns), that the farmers on these lands just can’t believe it and say yes to GMO seeds to see it for themselves.

What these blinded farmers fail to realize is that these seeds do more harm than good. They kill livestock more than make them flourish, and in several cases, thousands of crop growers commit suicide as a result of being unable to repay the debt back to the companies that bequeathed the land and money to them.

So I urge you…tonight instead of spending an outrageous amount of money on movie tickets, curl up with your computer and some NON-GMO snacks to be informed and take back control of  your life.

Are you educated on GMO’s? Please take the time to watch these and share with others the importance of this!

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4 Responses to Genetic Roulette & Seeds of Freedom

  1. Tamara says:

    I must admit, I am not as informed as I should be (and need to be, given that I’m feeding 3 growing children).
    Thanks for the eye-opener!

  2. Amber @ ExSoyCise says:

    Great post! I’ve been wanting to watch Genetic Roulette. I’m going to get on it this week! It drives me crazy when people are eating loads of soy thinking they are making a healthy choice when they are consuming all GMO products! I know this issue goes far beyond soy but its definitely something I wish people would think about.

    Aren’t you SO excited about starting IIN next week? I can’t wait!!

    • choc3178 says:

      ahh yes! I finished all the fundamentals, beginning to read Joshua’s book, and also trying to keep up with some of the Live conference! It’s kind of overwhelming but at the same time so so so exciting!

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