#WIAW- I Eat Rainbows

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats
If I still ate Lucky Charms, I would still pick out every marshmallow and save for a rainy day of gluttony.

Although they were magically delicious, they weren’t very nutritious. (I know the leprechaun would disagree but I think I’ve believed enough talking heads in my day which have lead to many trust issues in my now adult life…)

This week’s eats consisted of a few healthier rainbows and also an “it looks bad, but trust me it’s good for you” recipe!

Let’s do something that has never been done on C.C.D. before…go backwards in time…most recent to oldest!

Last night:

I need to preface this with a short rant. Is it just me or does everyone feel the need to hog and breathe all over the kitchen when you need it the most? I know I’ve outgrown my parent’s home…but seriously, would it kill you people to have some consideration when a girl is RUNGRY and HANGRY? #mothermayI #manners

This obviously was the cure:

"Run of the mill" rainbow...cheese and pepper omelette, boston lettuce, garlic quinoa, & these little balls of joy...CHICKPEAS

Pre-workout shake:

Um whoever can gulp protein powder down with water is a friggin’ champ! I need my almond milk and extra fruit/veggie additives for it to really make me go “MMM MMM GOOD.”

No WHEY with WATER. But in general, a great option for a smoothie made with a nut milk!

Okay, this one shouldn’t be too hard to guess…another fantastic rainbow themed dinner…golden carrots, avocado, peppadews, peppers, fresh grated parmesan, and underneath it all…brown rice pasta with some jarred sauce. (I know, big Italian let down.)

Rainbow fiesta

Mini egg muffins are becoming quite the staple over the past week…These were made with mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes, ricotta, and peppers! Spinach for garnish…which I obviously couldn’t refrain from eating.

A confession…I haven’t delved into a sweet potato in probably about a year! I only like eating them during the colder months… 65 degrees was cold enough to whip some out! This was topped with some organic butter and cinnamon!

Sweet potato is a little too close to the others for comfort


Okay, the first one actually comes out annually… so it’s not really all that new…but get your hands on one if you can! I had some of this with my almond coconut milk and also mixed it in with some of my plain chobani as a snack…pumpkin pie party!

Find #2– There are no words. I always ate Reese’s because I grew up on them being more common around my house then fruit or milk. I am so glad my tastebuds have the chance to be graced with the presence of these fine thangs…

Don't you wish your cups were tasty like mine?

I leave you with a tease…

It's not a photo of the moon or even the most recent planet discovery, it's cake, cake, cake!

I know this kind of looks unappetizing, but it was superb!

It involves banana and chia, so stay tuned for the rest of the recipe on the blog tomorrow!

Are you still eating rainbows now that it’s fall? You better be! And they better not be originating from any kind of boxes!

Peace, love, and rainbows!



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8 Responses to #WIAW- I Eat Rainbows

  1. Excited for that new recipe. I love bananas and chia seeds!

    Oo… and that’s too funny about the almond butter cups. On one of the WIAW blogs last week a blogger was eating Justin’s Peanut Butter cups and I made the comment on how great that would be if they came out with an Almond butter version…. BAM. Crisis averted 😀

  2. I hated the Lucky Charms marshmallows as a kid and tossed them. (Then devoured the cereal.) Turns out I should have been sending them to you.

  3. Jessie says:

    loving all the rainbow meals! and you are right that cake doesn’t look to appealing, but not all amazing food looks good :)Can’t wait to hear the recipe for it.

  4. kelsey says:

    I miss lucky charms from my unhealthy days, too! I might still indulge every now and then, but I definitely can’t eat them like I used to!

  5. I want those almond butter cups please!!!! *drool*
    And I can gulp protein powder & water only if it tastes good and I’m picky!

  6. Kierston says:

    If I still ate Lucky Charms, I would still pick out every marshmallow <—- ME TOO!

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