I hope when the letters, “G”, “M”, & “O” come together you aren’t thinking it’s another Jersey Shore paradigm.

If you haven’t seen or heard, now is the time to GET EDUCATED. We all know elections are coming up and with that comes other issues that we’d like to be rendered.

One that is NEAR and DEAR to my heart happens to be the NON-GMO project.

What’s a GMO?

It stands for genetically modified organisms. These are crop plants created for human or animal consumption. These plants resist certain bacterias, pests, disease, and weather conditions. I suppose you could deem them “super foods”.

Basically, it’s anything man made that’s placed into our food sources. It’s not only found in processed foods, but fruits, vegetables, and meats as well. Corn and its derivatives are the biggest offenders!

Shocking fact: As of 2000, 68% of US farmers were using GMO crops. WOWZA!

Why it this a bad thing?

A picture is worth a thousand words

These lab rats were given contaminated corn and this seemed to be the outcome by the end of testing. I don’t know about you, but I like all my body parts the way they are. YES, this can happen to us too eventually!

What effect does this have on humans?

While it hasn’t been 100% proven as of yet, scientists and doctors agree that GMO’s are bound to cause disease, cancer and immune system weakening over a long period of exposure time.

GMO’s also make people more susceptible to developing allergies, but for the most part according to the farmers, people, and companies involved are deemed 100% SAFE for human consumption.

Due to this fairly recent technology (within the last 20-25 years), the effects long-term on humans are also undefined.

Unfortunately, since these ingredients aren’t labeled yet, the public has NO IDEA if the food they are eating has been contaminated with GMO or not.

Who would do such a thing?

A company by the name of Monsanto is the brains behind it. (There are also a few others) They’ve been polluting our food sources for DECADES and we’re finally just bringing some of this to light.

It’s more cost effective for them in the long run (uh yeah, a BILLION dollar company) to provide the public with genetically modified foods than actually taking the proper, more expensive steps to ensure it’s safe and healthier for human consumption over long a period of time.

Their argument is that the nutritional benefits, production time, costs, and reduced use of pesticides supersede any of the traditional methods used, so it’s a “win-win” for everyone.

(Funny how the United States is the largest producer and thus consumer of these ingredients and we also have one of the highest cancer rates as well…just a thought, just a thought…)

Well…as we all know…BIG companies LIE for the benefits of their fat pocketbooks.


What can I do about GMO’s?

If you live in the state of California, VOTE YES on PROP 37 (ensures genetically modified foods are clearly labeled) on November 6. You can also volunteer for local events and gatherings if you live within the state.

If you are a non California resident, right now there are thousands of small-town petitions you can sign online. You can also pass out flyers or hold your own events in relation to this movement.

Here is NJ’s petition to send to state legislators in regard to labeling of GMO’s: http://action.foodandwaterwatch.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=9681

**I will be passing out flyers and placing them on store countertops within the next few weeks! 

Here are handy resources to consult if you would like to know more about GMO’s:

The online community is thriving in regards to the NON-GMO movement, so be sure to follow it all on twitter, Facebook, and their blog!

Use the hashtags: #yeson37 #righttoknow #labelGMOs


Do you have any causes that are close to your heart? Have you heard about GMO’s? What’s your opinion?

Peace, love, and YES ON PROP 37!


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3 Responses to Just SAY NO To GMO’S!

  1. It is sad what the food industry will do to make money. Good job on getting this info out!

  2. Thanks for this post! I’m not educated on GMOs at all…

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