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The journey into the fitness and healthy living realm has not been a walk in the park. I’ve had quite the struggle and many, many mountains to climb. I’m prepared to climb and conquer many more.

I had always been overweight for my height and quite unathletic. It didn’t bother me until I was a junior in high school and began to notice I was gaining weight more rapidly than ever before.

I decided to start having dates after school with Mr. Treadmill and Mr. & Mrs. Free Weights. My weight gradually began to level off to a healthier one…but it STILL wasn’t enough.

You know those people at the gym you see every day who seem to spend hours on all of the machines? Yeah, that was me.

I would take a core/strength/cardio class and then head to the cardio machines for another hour. The entire time I HATED it, but I was 17 and used to doing things I HATED.

I was faced with this marauding question constantly

Will I ever fit into skinny jeans? Will I ever fall in love with fitness?

I figured that was the general feeling most people felt and working out was just something I would have to grin and bear, like the yearly immunizations at the doc’s office.

This vicious cycle went on for about 5 years, until I discovered that I wasn’t achieving the results I desired because I WAS NOT eating right.

Diet is about 80% responsible for weight loss, while the other 20 is sweating it off. People confuse the two and often believe in order to look “in shape” you MUST put more effort into your workout than your diet.

Nutrition is the basic building block in the journey to weight loss. Without proper nutrition, you’ll never get the results you so desire.

I’m sure many of you have heard this all before, but this message is destined to reach those who have reached a wall in regards to their health.

Food is your medicine. Always consult food before a doctor’s care. Our bodies, believe it or not, are very responsive and adaptable to changes we make. Most of these changes SHOULD NOT involve drugs.

Small BIG rant: Is anyone else with me on taking down BIG PHARMA companies? It’s absolutely ludicrous that instead of adhering to a healthier diet to lower cholesterol, doctor’s would prescribe a pill. But hey- those sweet incentives are reason enough to pull the wool over ignorant Americans eyes, right?

Bottom line: Do your research in regards to your own health before deciding the doctor knows what’s best for you

The only reason I was able to lose the weight I did was due to my own studies within the health and fitness realm. I attended a few class sessions, read countless articles/books, and was constantly discovering new information about weight, nutrition, and health.

Typically, this post turned into a GIANT rant

In other news…

Get your freakin’ skinny margs, antioxidants, and DIY face masks out! It is time to celebrate! (blogger drumrroll please………..)

Books and other goodies set to come in the mail soon! 🙂


I’ve been trumpet sounding the news from every single form of social media, if you haven’t noticed.

So what is this Institute I’m speaking of?

Basically, it’s an accelerated program to become a holistic health coach. I have been pondering joining this fantastic community for get this…3.5 years!

Yep, right after college was finished I was set to enroll, until I found out I’d probably have to sell one or both kidneys on the black market in order to do so.

I put it in my pocket and the back of my mind that I would take the bull by the horns after I had been a functioning college graduate in the real world for a few years.

Well, I was in the real world for the past couple and it may just be worse than hell. At least in Hell, people have jobs, right?

Here, I was stuck with a just over minimum wage job and thought a bachelor’s degree was the key to receiving that sweet salary and benefits.

Remember when your great Uncle Mike told you…”It’s all about who you know, kid”? Yeah, he’s right. It all makes sense now.

The lack of jobbage lead me to take a career turn into the field of health coaching.

How am I paying for it all?

A payment plan…and if you don’t know yet…I’m a penny pinching pack rat…so I SAVE everything. Even my baby teeth… (uh whoops, was that TMI?!?!)

I went with a payment plan which takes a bit of the pressure off my hands and I also received a scholarship from Nicole! Thanks so much 🙂

How long is the program?

It lasts approximately one year. There’s also a second part of the program (included with tuition) which involves the business side of things in regards to health coaching. I will most definitely be taking advantage of that!

What is the benefit?

For me, it’s everything. It’s risk but at the same time a reward. I have always seen myself as an entrepreneur, so this will propel me into that realm. Health coaching is a rapidly growing career field and with statistics like almost half of Americans will be obese by 2030, we’re going to need all the positive, healthy cheerleaders we can get!

If you’re interested in enrolling, you can contact the Institute here: http://www.integrativenutrition.com/

*There are also several scholarships and other promotions running throughout the year, so be sure to check back with them frequently. Clearly, I did. I’m probably on their not so secretive stalker list. 😉

Have you ever decided on a career change? Would you ever consider one? Are you happy in your current position?

Peace, love, and risks!


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  3. Tish Hernandez says:

    OMG, I’ve been contemplating this program for awhile too & am SO passionate about holustic health! However, I would really need details on scholarships & payment plans to be able to realistically consider enrollment. Are there any scholarships available now?

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