Pinteresting Recipes: Pumpkin Cake Batter Dip

You know this is supposed to be partly a food blog, right? I ALWAYS seem to be lacking in this department. Never fear, pinterest is here!

Another blogger, Lisa, of The Splattered Apron, created a wonderful way for all of us to have a pintervention of sorts. Actually creating the masterpieces we pin instead of just sitting there mindlessly drooling all over the place. GREAT IDEA!

Since this is my first week joining and it’s fall, I figured I’d attempt an easy peasy pumpkin recipe. Are you sick of pumpkin or the color orange yet? HOPE NOT….

This recipe was adapted from Undressed Skeleton. Look at this marvelous creation…

Undressed Skeleton's Pumpkin Cake Batter Dip

Now take a look at mine…yes I subbed certain ingredients if you’re wondering why it doesn’t look identical.

My sub- sub- subbed version

Here were the ingredients I used:

  • pumpkin
  • 4 Domino sugar packets
  • a combo. of nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger
  • peanut flour
  • cream of tartar
  • pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

Seriously people…this stuff is addicting. It may easily be replacing my recent affair with Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin muffins. (Shockingly, I’ve only had ONE within the past 3 weeks, so I’m proud…)

You should totally join Lisa’s link up party for next Tuesday if you haven’t done so already! Just pin and eat…and prep/cook somewhere in between! 😉

Have you ever made anything from your pinterest boards? 

Peace, love, and pumpkin pins!


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2 Responses to Pinteresting Recipes: Pumpkin Cake Batter Dip

  1. I love pinterest! 🙂 I’ve made several things from it!

  2. I think I am going to OD on pumpkin soon, but don’t worry, I don’t plan on going to rehab for it or anything.

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