Frozen Pumpkin Banana Oat Clusters

Title long enough for ya? Hopefully one of those ingredients intrigued you to read.

As we all are fully aware, fall is upon us. In my opinion, it had already started on September 1, as the temps were in the forties almost on cue. So long sweet summer.

To deal with the cold is something my mind and body still cannot process. However, to deal with fall eats is a no brainer…hello? pumpkin. I’ve been doing lots of concocting in the kitchen (when allowed) and am absolutely high off of cooking and baking once again.

Being that it’s been pretty darn cold, you’d think this post would include a hot fall beverage, but I am cut from a different grain at times. So frozen it was!

I chose to make these frozen pumpkin banana oat clusters as a replacement for my healthy bites, which my loving boyfriend ate on me. (insert face of anger here)

These honestly didn’t fully kill my craving for a healthy bite, but they were still worthy of eating.

Here’s what I used: (I know I’m on at least 2 people’s “no measurements” hit list…sorry, it’s just how I roll… or cluster if you will)

  • 1 banana
  • rolled oats
  • pumpkin
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg
  • Zico chocolate coconut water

The prep is easy peasy. I threw all of the above into a bowl. (minus the banana) and then took a dipping spoon and started bathing these banana beauties in the oat/pumpkin mixture.

I then placed them in the freezer for about 2 hours. I let them thaw out for about 20 minutes and then went to town.

Next time, I’ll probably try almond milk as a filler as the coconut water produced some extra condensation inside the glassware I used.

What are you favorite fall treats? Do you change your tastes depending on the season?

Peace, love, and fall eats!


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6 Responses to Frozen Pumpkin Banana Oat Clusters

  1. I eyeball everything, too. It’s always hard to estimate measurements ha. I like how you cluster!

  2. Another eyeballer here too! There’s just not enough time in life to measure!

    Pumpkin and banana can never be a bad thing and that looks/sounds tasty.

    I do change some foods according to what’s fresh/in season, but pumpkin comes in cans and is a staple year round for me. That along with peanut butter and cinnamon. Yum!

  3. lindsay says:

    next time i will send him his own stash. But there look good!

  4. I want I want I want I want. Sounds delicious!

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  6. PJ dares not to touch my healthy bites!

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