#MotivationalMondays- How Christy Got Her Groove Back

If this were ten years earlier (give or take), upon entering a bar or social gathering, I’m sure you would’ve been privy to hearing parodies, jabs, and general jokes in relation to of the movie, How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

I know whenever I was anywhere the references and puns and witticisms that came from this movie were everywhere. If my measly memory can recall…was this even a box office hit?

I don’t think so…but it’s message seemed to resonate well with the women who saw it.

As you know, my workout mojo has been seriously lacking lately. I’ve been giving my body all the gas (or you know…proper nutrition) it needs and performing my workouts like I’m still on E.

Possibly even channeling McKayla Maroney in this picture.

I was told to take a break. I don’t admire breaks. I don’t support them (for me anyway). I always feel like a deadbeat when I’m not moving or engaging in some kind of stimulating activity.

The clouds and rain have cleared though…because Christy has gotten her workout GROOVE BACK! (HAYYY GIRL HAYYY)

This past week I have been beasting it. I have no idea if it’s because I changed up my supplement routine (now taking a different multi) or if it’s because the workout gods decided they’d strike me with some Redbull wiiinngggsss. (minus the Redbull) Nonetheless, I’ve managed to demolish my workouts with incredible strength.

I had stopped running the past 3 weeks for 3-4 miles and am now clocking in between 1.5-2.5. Those 5K’s I was signing up for? Yeah, didn’t happen. (Obviously that’s killing my type A personality) My mind hates me, my body still loves me. We cannot win them all.

What matters here is…I’m happy and noticing a change. Don’t you love when you notice a change?

Some steps to help you along with getting your mojo (in regards to any life subject) back:

1. Re-evaluate what you’re putting into your body. Too many starches? Not enough protein? Eating often enough? Eating too much? FOOD makes a difference, NOT working out.

2. Read a book. Yes, READ a book. I don’t care if it’s on your kindle, schmindle, kid’s computer, or from your local library. Reading is learning. Learning is knowledge. (Apparently, I like these short reflexive sentences today.) Books are what fuel your mind which then fuels your soul which then translates into your every day life. It doesn’t matter what the subject of the book is, as long as your reading, the wheels are turning.

3. CHANGE IS GOOD. Take it from someone who is a notorious resistor to change…it’s necessary. Whether it be taking a different route to work, getting your exercise in the A.M instead of P.M, or just resting. Do something that will cause you to think about the same process differently.

4. Laugh. This is so basic and so cliche, but so many of us forget to or don’t do it as much as we should. (I know my fair share of laughing has gone to zilch lately.) Life isn’t always supposed to be serious. When in doubt, watch I Love Lucy and you’ll be working out those face muscles in no time.

5. STRETCH. This is something I THINK I do right all the time, but in all honesty…I don’t. Not until I found yoga. (Even though I do pilates, it’s more of a toning workout than a good stretch for your muscles.) Yoga is so powerful. It heals your muscles and your mind at the same time. Another great relative of yoga is gymnastics. I’m sure you wanted to block me by the time the end of last night was over as I bombarded those that follow me with a bevy of stretchy, weird not so graceful gymnast-y pics. It’s IMPORTANT. Even if all you do every day is get out of bed and touch your toes, do it. You know those 60 year olds that have hunchbacks? You’ll be one of them too if you don’t start stretching. IT. HURTS. SO. GOOD. (if that makes any sense?)

So there’s the story of How I Got My Groove Back in the workout sense at least. We’re still working on a sequel for the job and home part of my life. To be continued…

What do you do to get your workout mojo or life mojo back up and running? Are you a yogi?

Peace, love, and MOJO’s for everyone!


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4 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- How Christy Got Her Groove Back

  1. So glad to hear that you got your groove back! I often find that I need to switch things up when I’ve lost my groove. That or else a really good lifting session. I love yoga too and that also helps to reset my mind.

  2. I totally resist change too…if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it, right?? Wrong! Change is good 🙂 Especially in fitness! I love that quote you included! My fav!

    I’m glad you’re back to running. I know you’ll be to 3-4 miles in no time! You’ve got dedication and determination so it WILL HAPPEN! 🙂

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