#MotivationalMondays- 3…2…1 Workout

Wanna know something shocking? The noun race and the pronoun of “I” have never been in the same sentence together. When it comes to races, running, and pronouns, I usually let the “he”, “she”, “we”, or “they” take the spotlight.

With any kind of race or sporting event, there’s always a preemptive gunshot, buzzard, voice, or bell to signify it has begun. In my high school days (specifically gym class), the fancy signifier that track day was upon us was the gym teacher’s raspy voice, shouting 3…2…1.

Oh how I dread looking back to gym class. I really would have rather taken another english class, basic foods, or pretended I didn’t know how to count than participate in gym.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t athletic (well, okay, maybe I wasn’t as fit as I am now) it was just that all the jocks and morons would swoon and brag over how amazeballs they were in all activities and yell at others who didn’t have their eye on the ball. IT WAS GYM CLASS. NOT THE OLYMPICS. 

My worst memories were from running days, group volleyball, dodge ball, and square dancing days. NOT A FAN. 3…2…1 when it came down to any of these activities always meant, “Let the torture begin towards the unatheltic short shit in the back.” I could never do anything right according to them and frankly, it mattered a whole hell of a lot to my adolescent mind.

Nowadays I can give two meatballs about who is saying what about my athletic ability. I am who I am, I’m the best at who I can be each day. I may not always be feeling well. I may not always succeed, but in the end as long as I motivate myself to get back up, I’m doing my best. It’s cliche, but true. I reinforce this notion on myself every day because YOU are in control of how you perceive yourself and in turn how others perceive you. Radiate positivity, positivity will radiate right back. Oh and…don’t sweat the small stuff. (which I need to do more of)

Mom’s advice and pep talk aside, I bring you today’s workout…It’s as easy as 1,2,3, but it was opposite day in my world this past weekend…so 3, 2, 1…GO.

If the directions are confusing, you will do as follows:

Pick 3 exercises from 1st round, 2 exercises from 2nd round, 1 exercise from last round and perform each for amount of seconds noted. So 1st round is 30 seconds, 2nd round is 20 seconds, 3rd round is 10 seconds. Rest 10 seconds in between each round. Repeat this four times. Oh and I went a little color cray-zay. I don’t hate it.

What’s been your best workouts this week? Were you a gym class lover or hater? Do you worry what other’s think of your fitness level? (PS…YOU totally SHOULDN’T…NO MATTER WHAT AGE OR LEVEL YOU MAY BE!)

Peace, love, and happy sweating!


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8 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- 3…2…1 Workout

  1. Looks like a great workout! I’m pinning it! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I was a tubby boy in my elementary gym class days and never did good at anything. But I would still sign up for running events and always be the last one huffing and wheezing to the finish. Too bad ambition didn’t count towards anything….

    I’m enjoying my strength training in the garage and running now that i’ts cooled down a little; if only it could stay around 75 year round!

    I think I sometimes care what others think, when I’m at an event, otherwise, I’m hard on myself enough as it is. If I am running and think how I don’t want to run up that hill, I make it a point to do it. Pushing yourself always feels better in the end!

    Great workout and overall post! Keep at it and enjoy the week!

  3. Kary says:

    I was a gym hater, duh! I used to hide out by the bleachers or always have cramps.
    Plus I was afraid of balls – Ha! No pun intended 🙂
    My best workout this week my jogs in Central Park!


    • choc3178 says:

      haha! Obviously since we’re soul mates, you must know I’m afraid of balls as well. Unless they are edible balls from the kitchen. Those I welcome any time 😉

  4. This would be a great workout on one of my cardio days when I’m short on time! Pinned 🙂

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