-Things To Try Thursdays- Vitex Berry Extract

OH…It’s THAT time of the month again?!?!?!

Gents- please shield your eyes from what you’re about to read. The events are real…BLOODY if you will.

Hey ladies- who here has PMS the size of Mount Tibet?

I know I do…and it until a few weeks ago…it ALWAYS. WON.

In general, I’m a bit sarcastic and kind of snippy as it is, but during PMS, you better look the other way and run. I tend to snap at the tiniest thing, my family calls me “vulture”, and the entire kitchen is usually raided faster than the Pilgrims invaded the 13 colonies.

It’s a huge internal war. I cry when I don’t want to cry. I eat things that I honestly never would touch at any other time and then cry some more over the guilt. I scream (yes- SCREAM) at every person around me, and worst of all…I yet again top it off with some more crying over my lack of completing my long runs and other workouts. My motivation is DOWN THE TUBES.

Ok, so it’s not pretty. I’m not decked out with a smile and a handshake all the time. Hormones are like the devil’s possession …except you can actually RID YOURSELF of these ridiculous moods and actions without paying an arm and a leg for an exorcism.

No need to shy away from activities or drown your pity in a tub of ice cream. I have an elixir that I want you to try. (the witch doctor-y saleswoman in me) It doesn’t require a prescription, has no side effects, and within 2 months will have you back to your angelic self in no time. (hopefully)

It’s called VITEX BERRY extract. I’m warning you now…it has kind of a sour taste, but it definitely does the trick. Mix it into some juice, oats, or even a smoothie and you barely notice.

Don’t take the pill form as it’s not as effective and not as regulated/regarded.

What is it and what is the purpose?

It’s basically nature’s midol, but better. No harsh chemicals or fillers are made with this stuff (if you do your research and get the right brand)

It comes from a plant (and you know how much I LOVE PLANTS) and is also called Chaste Berry. It’s traditionally grown in Africa and tropical climates, but you can find it imported here in your local health food store or online.

"Reverse what Eve did to all of us by drinking a drop of me!", said the Vitex Berry plant.

Basically, it regulates women’s hormones, so all that boob pain, cramping, crabbiness, horniness, and ravenous appetite is suppressed after taking it for a while. FORGET birth control for all that. This is naturally derived and doesn’t take any “getting used to”. (Fun fact: I’ve never been on “the pill” and am proud of it!)

Vitex Berry Extract is most potent in its berry form. The leaves are basically useless. Make sure you read your labels and also don’t be afraid to call a company and ask if they use the berries or leaves specifically.

I'm a little extract short and stout, read my ingredients before you put me in your mouth!

The extract also can be used to aid PCOS, menopause, PMDD, fibroids, and EVEN prostate problems. (Men, if you’re reading this despite my advice up top…)

I began taking this along with my aloe vera about a month ago and can honestly say I’m already beginning to feel the effects. I take 2-3 drops in my water or smoothie almost every day and I’m already less crappy and irritable than normal.

As always, I’m not a doctor or even a certified herbalist, but I DO MY RESEARCH. Listen to your body and know your own moral ethics when it comes to certain products. This review was formulated from my own thoughts and opinions. Consult your doctor or certified nutritionist before taking.

Have you ever tried this or any other herb to get rid of or reduce your PMS? Do you take the pill? Have you had any side effects? 

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  1. I have never tried to take an herb… very interesting information! thank you for sharing!

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