#MotivationalMondays- The Cop Out Post

For the past almost week, I’ve had the COPS theme song stuck in my head. “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

In my case, it’s not a result of late night reruns of the show that’s got my conscience all on edge…it’s exhaustion and lack of completing my planned workouts (mainly runs) that’s getting the best of me. (COP OUTS- if you will.)

If you’ve been following my youtube videos, twitter rambles, and instagram photos, you know my energy has been ZERO the past 3 weeks.

I don’t believe it’s anything to be alarmed about, but I do feel running has A LOT to do with it. Before the summer, I was running maybe a mile every day/every other day. Flash forward to the past two months and it’s increased to about 3-3.5 miles per day.

It brings me back to the days of gym class (not pleasant memories), when running a simple 4 laps on the track would leave me WIPED.

This wave tsunami of exhaustion is only usually experienced when I’m partaking in extreme cardio, but I have to say it’s getting to be the annoying third wheel on my runs lately.

I like to say I made the floor my bitch.

I haven’t ever been able to just wake up and run my ass off or lift due to the lack of energy I have. I don’t understand any of you who actually pull off the whole exercise thing in the morning. I feel like I’m the ugly duckling when it comes to exercising at night. It actually HELPS me sleep, instead of getting me charged for the day.

Maybe I need to replace my running batteries? Take a break? Kill the cardio? Take an iron supplement? Become Bradley Cooper in Limitless?

Obviously…not working out is just not possible with my lifestyle. True Life: I’m an exercise addict…and don’t intend to be reformed into a couch potato EVER.

SO what have I been doing since my runs have been going downhill 😉 ?

Well, this is why god (or some Silicon Valley smarties) invented youtube and channels like: Blogilates, Bex Life, & BodyRock TV. (Oh and the whole B alliteration thing…totally by accident!)

Here are some of the workouts I completed in the comfort of my own home without that nagging exhaustion creeping up on me:

Blogilates: These were 2 of the 6 videos I did. She is definitely a BUTT kicker- in that toned, hurt so good, kind of way. 😉

Lolo Jones Legs And Lunges Workout

Kettlebell workout

Bex Life: I did three of her videos one night. My abs were sore for two days after! Mission accomplished.

Bex Life Fat Free Abs Workout

HIIT Cardio Workout

BodyRock TV: Despite some of their youtube thumbnails, they really aren’t selling sex. Well, maybe a sexy body…but that’s my everyone’s end goal, so it’s not such a sin, right? Their workouts are pretty rugged…most are HIIT cardio intervals, some are done solely with a sandbag (duffle bag filled with bags of sand or rice…literally) Body Rock’s channel will leave your t-shirt and possibly your pants 😉 SOAKED.

Sexy Satisfaction Workout

Sexy and Tight Workout

So tell me, what do you do when you can’t get over a fitness “hurdle”? What do you think I should do in regards to my immense exhaustion while running?

Peace, love, and NO cop outs!


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