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Summer sunburns can wreak havoc on your skin, self-esteem, and your cognitive abilities. I know when I experience a burn, all you see in my eyes are dizzying circles. It makes me completely sundrunk. Add alcohol to that, and I’m toast. You can shop for organics shampoo and conditioners here!

There is one knight in shining armor who always manages to rescue me out of this sunburnt stupor…and that is ALOE VERA. If you aren’t familiar, aloe vera is a plant that secretes a gel like substance which has anti-inflammatory/antibacterial properties. It’s one of those “it’s been used for thousands of years” to treat everything from diaper rash to acting as a digestion aid.

The mainstream brands can obviously be very deceiving as improper wording and false aloe fillers are the main reasons why it would be deemed ineffective. It’s pretty simple…if you want something natural, go to its source, not the bottle that says it has been sourced from.

Drink me and you’ll live long time!

In my house, we’ve had this little gem- an aloe vera plant– for 25 years! It’s as old as me and my mother was blessed with a green thumb so caring for this baby has been a breeze for her. It now resides in our bathroom as a kind of inanimate source of first aid.

Whenever a cut, burn, or rash goes down, we all rush straight to the plant. You cut off a piece, squeeze and apply to affected area. Almost like those peanut butter sample packs, but less yummy.

So now that you know aloe vera is applied topically…I’ll blow your mind some more…YOU CAN DRINK IT TOO!

I’m sure you have seen the bevy of aloe drinks on the shelves in the grocery or health food stores. Those are not potent sources of the stuff obviously, but if you do your research (my research being my grandparents)- you are sure to find a brand that sources it almost 100% naturally.

Why would you want to drink this stuff? Well, because it has multiple benefits for our vital organs. It aids in relief from stomach cramps, pains, IBS, and general indigestion. It helps improve circulation, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, fights off infection/cancer, and acts as your own personal trainer in regards to joint and muscle pain. The last benefit is the reason I’m drinking it…ACNE. It actually has been proven to reduce acne and breakouts by 70%. Take that, crap Proactiv!

As you know, I have been experiencing random hormonal chin acne, which has gotten to the point of incapacitation. Yes, I am that self-conscious about it that I will not go to work, the grocery store, or out for drinks with friends. Not even make-up will cover my problem area. Ridiculous right?

Until…I began taking this just a little over a week ago. Gulping 2 oz. of it down…mind you- it’s not an easy gulp-more like shotting whiskey- with generous chunks. I’ve been adding it to water or almond milk once a day and am already experiencing a decrease in the pimples and inflammation.

My grandparents have been gulping this stuff down since the company first began (1972), so there’s my true sources of credibility! Both have only been sick maybe 5 times since then and have no serious health issues. Isn’t that just a marvel?

Bottom line…shot your aloe. Applying it topically is great for temporary lacerations or rashes, but if you really have some kind of prolonged problem, you should just drink it.

Have you ever used aloe vera before? Any interest in giving it a try?

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