Things I’m Currently Looking Into

There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to this post. It’s not themed like my others and it probably won’t be rambly. (SHOCKINGLY.)

See? Told you it was random!

So here goes it:

1. I’m looking into an affordable nutritional consulting program. Any tips besides Integrative Nutrition (which is great- but $$$) are appreciated!

2. Fit bikini competitions. I have no idea if the kind I desire exist (the ones without all the women looking like males)- but I’d like to add this to my fitness bucket list.


More like this...Cassey Ho of Blogilates











3. Paleo? Yes, it’s in writing now, so you know what that means? It shall be done. Starting next week- you are all to hold me accountable if I tweet, blog, blog, IG, or most importantly eat anything “UN-PALEO”.

So easy a caveman can do it, right? Uh...

4. Apartment searching. Recommendations welcomed besides creepy killer craigslist, trulia, and zillow. Roommates need not apply, thanks.

5. Blog re-vamp. I’ve seen many a blogger go for the re-vamp and I’m thinking for the one year blog-iversary (November)- this one deserves one as well. Any graphically inclined persons or wordpress familiar peeps please help!

6. Singing lessons. I know I had instagrammed a pic about a month ago of my end of summer goals- I’ve completed all of them except enrolled in singing lessons. Do I consult craigslist for this or is there a safer, more reliable way? I may be willing to do Skype singing as well!

7. Zip-lining. Want it, need it. Not even one bit of a thrill seeker. Not afraid of heights- but hey you never know when that fear could be added on. Will I hate it?

Alright...maybe a little too ambitious for a virgin zip liner

8. New workout gear. While I desperately love the memories and sweat I’ve shared with my beloved sweatpants and grunge-y gym shirts over the years, it’s time to grow up and get clean. Your suggestions welcomed on CHEAP but fashionable gym wear brands.

That is all she wrote. Graduating from rambling to full run on sentences! Ahh, the blog life! πŸ™‚

What’s on your current wants/needs list?

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9 Responses to Things I’m Currently Looking Into

  1. Woohoo for paleo! I hope you find it works for you. Good luck; try sticking it out the full month or however long so you get over the mid-way hump period. I look forward to following along!

    And November is my one-year blogiversary too πŸ™‚ Can’t help with the revamp, though. I’m still goin easy on blogger.

    • choc3178 says:

      Yes, I know it will definitely be a challenge! If I had an IV hooked to me, it would literally consist of breads, pastas, cheeses, and chocolates. This will be a great learning experience! I’ll be consulting your blog for any paleo tips! πŸ™‚

  2. Hooray for trying new things! I’m definitely with you on the fitness competition – yes to looking classy and fit, no to looking like a man. πŸ™‚ For workout wear, I LOVE TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc. – they have brand name stuff but cheap!

  3. Amber @ Exsoycise says:

    I was going to suggest TJmaxx and Marshalls too! I always find great stuff there! I also like to catch the sales that Lululemon has on occasion, I’ve found some great stuff on sale there and it has about a 5 year lifespan so it pays for its self!

    Good luck with Paleo! It’s super easy once you get ino it. There are tons of great recipes to help you along the way!

  4. I really want to re-vamp my blog too. But I’m thinking that I want someone to do it for me and make me a new banner too. I get so frustrated with it that it’s no longer any fun for me to do it.

    • choc3178 says:

      same! if you find someone, let me know. I am clueless and honestly don’t have time to sit and teach myself.

      • it’s really not that hard once you learn. But I’m so OCD that it takes me forever to get it the way I want. Jess (blondeponytail) told me who did hers but when I checked the price it was way out of my range. πŸ™ I’m searching for someone who can do it for an affordable price for me. I’ll let you know if I find someone!

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