#MotivationalMondays- The Four Corners Workout

If you’re a geography/map buff like me, then you know the capital of every country (even the smallest ones) at the drop of a hat, are able to spell Mississippi correctly, and most importantly, know the difference between your cardinal directions. (North, South, East, & West- for those who don’t know)

Directions are what gets us from point A to point B, from the upper level Forever 21 to the lower level Nordstrom’s, from the road most traveled to the road less traveled. Terrible comparisons aside, you should know your basic directions.

You should know the difference between a right turn, left turn, reverse turn and K-turn. You should really invest in some glasses and a better GPS if you are still missing that exit to the only doctor’s office within a radius of 50 miles that accepts your health insurance. Oh and of course- how could I forget…if you still aren’t able to keep up with those zumba combinations in class, well then, you should maybe spend some more time with incredibly talented (yet creepy) Toddlers in Tiaras. They know the difference between bitch, make-up, right, left, and winning all before graduating from potty training!

That being said, I’ll let it slide if you don’t automatically think Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico when the Jeopardy question of naming the “four corners” of the United States comes up. However, I can’t say how I’d react if you didn’t know what the difference between a reverse fly and back row was.

This past weekend I once again had the opportunity of heading DTS (down the shore- for you non-Jersey, hashtagging millenials) My family has a house in L.B.I. which I’m privileged to stay in as long as I can bear the hostile jabs from Adolf Hitler (my mother).

I toted the boyfriend along (because…well. duh, do I ever do ANYTHING solo anymore?) and we decided to amp up the workouts with some outdoor circuits. I brought along a resistance band, kettlebell, and 10 lb. weights for some variation.

This is a workout we did on both Friday and Saturday switching up which body parts we worked on both days. I dubbed this the “Four Corners” workout- not because we magically performed these in the actual Four Corners of the United States, but because we had a 10 X 10 deck and I needed some creativity in my life. Using the four corners of the deck, we perfomed each of the following with the equipment I brought:

…and clearly my photo editing skills are down the shitter as well. Not my strong point, but at least you get to be distracted by some nice, colorful text!

What was your best workout this week? Ever been the the “Four Corners”?

Peace, love, and fitness!



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4 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- The Four Corners Workout

  1. Miz says:

    Im probably too too proud proud I dragged my unwilling arse to HOT YOGA yesterday 🙂
    this week?
    this morning?
    Im stealing your workouts.


  2. I like it! My best workout this week was this morning. Starting the week off right!

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