#WIAW- I Need Smoothies Anonymous

Let’s just say for the sake of summer, apartment/job hunting, and a territorial 54 year-old turkey vulture mother, I’ve been M.I.A. from my kitchen. It saddens me deeply that the only slightly creative thing I’ve made within the last two weeks was a Vega Vanilla Chai Mug Cake. I feel like I now know how those Olympic athletes feel when they get the Silver and not the Gold.

All that mamsy pamsy stuff aside, I present you with some of my (not so exciting) summer staples as of now:

I know I preach about packaged foods and how chemically laden they are, but I honestly haven’t been able to get my organic chicken from the store. (Even if I was able to purchase said chicken, it would go to waste, as I’m evidently quarantined from the kitchen.)

These nugs actually pleased the palate- and paired with one of my other new favorite packaged foods- Jalapeño Cilantro wraps, they were magnificent. The icing on the cake was the Garden Vegetable cream cheese by The Laughing Cow.

And here we have just one of the several snapshots I’ve taken of smoothie madness over the past few weeks. Have I told you I have managed to have a smoothie for breakfast every day since the middle of June? EEK. I almost feel like I’m mindlessly sipping Slim Fast at this point. (minus all of the terrible stuff)

Vega Vanilla Chai, Banana, Almonds, Flax Seed, Almond Milk, Triple Chocolate Granola, & Sun Butter

It wouldn’t be fair if I only showed one and had all my wonderfully filtered photography go to waste, so here’s another…

Sunwarrior Chocolate protein powder, Blueberries, Flax, Almond Milk, Almonds, Chocolate Chips, & Creamy PB

My third summer staple comes to you in the form of veggies! I have been loving veggies so much that I’ve actually gone through more than half of my checking account within the past two weeks declaring my love for them. I know, I really should learn how to say “no” to this section, but they just look so nice all dolled up.

My many seductresses


You see? We don't discriminate.

Onto snacks and drinks…my new favorite brand for dark chocolate bars…Enjoy Life. I also saw these alcoholic bevs and went completely crazy. I’m a sucker for a 12% alcohol and anything pink.

Bitch, go WINE about it!

Zombie's drink of choice?

My last summer staple is soup. Yes, not gazpacho…right off the stove, piping hot, SOUP. I’ve been purchasing the creamy portobello mushroom soup by Imagine. It doesn’t seem too against my packaged foods mindset. The taste is superb and I added some mushrooms, corn, and cheddar cheese for that nice southern comfort feeling on a cold day. (By cold, I mean like 73 degrees.)

Skinny version of Paula Deen's southern comfort foods

Have you noticed the majority of this week’s eats are savory and NOT sweet? I thinks we are slowly making progress…until I tell you that I have a handful of chocolate chip morsels by my side while typing this. DRATS!

Until next time, up and out my friends!

What are your favorite summer staples? What’s the longest you’ve gone having the same food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? 

Peace, love, and no more smoothies!


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2 Responses to #WIAW- I Need Smoothies Anonymous

  1. Did you actually try the Rogue Voodoo Bacon beer? I just read some reviews on it and most people seem not to like it. Looks…interesting though.

    I love that you used “drats”, that’s just awesome. Internet high five to you!

    I’ve been having a salad for dinner for over a year now. Of course, the toppings change each day, but it’s a salad. Also, after the salad, I have a green smoothie and then another, sweeter smoothie for the rest of dinner/dessert.

    Everything looks good for your eats, and I’m guilty of frowning on packaged foods but still eating some myself. Hey, we read the ingredients label first!

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