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Have you ever dreamed of having an ass “like that”? (insert big ass-ed celeb here.) I definitely have. While it used to be worse when I was a self conscious, braces wearing, pop music swooning geek, it still sometimes gets to me.





I’m pretty happy with where my ass is at now, (after all the lifting and training I do), but I wouldn’t mind having some more “cushion for the pushin'” (Oh, I’m sorry was that too R for you?) Okay, back to the PG version of things…

A few weeks ago, I was in the city visiting Chobani SOHO on opening day (orgasmic). My cousin and I decided to shop, because, when in SOHO…who DOES NOT shop? The window displays are like chocolate to me, the air smells of a mixture of pee and exhaust fumes, but more importantly- NEW CLOTHES.

Enter…ZARA on Broadway. Now, I live in NJ, so I’m used to not paying tax on clothes. We also have plentiful ZARA’s. So why the fuss over hauling ass to NYC? (pun intended) It’s all about THE BUYERS, baby.

Sometimes I go to NYC for the variation in buyers. Sometimes Jersey gets the short end of the skirt…which forces me to spend an extra 35 dollars on commuting and book it to NY! So continuing…

This ZARA had everything and more. Shoes perfectly laid out…super expensive racks I said “hi” to upon entry and continued to walk past (like any budget savvy woman would…) (YEAH RIGHT!) And alas, the mother load…the back of the store, which shined just like all those USA gold medals we’ve won!

It was a MECCA. They were having some sort of percentage off sale and women were flocking to this area like it was the new Trojan vibrator!

I decided to see what all of this fuss was about and was swept into a bevy of sales, sales, and more sales! Everywhere you looked it was raining sales! (Is this how The Weather Girls felt when it was raining men?!)

I stumbled upon the jeans table and was a madwoman! I had to try on every colored jean in two sizes! (Mind you…I don’t even own a pair of jeans from ZARA…but the sales!) 35.90 for jeans?! And they say ZARA?! haha- marketing execs so totally got me on this one!

I waited on the 3 story long line to try on and was mesmerized. These jeans were perfection. The front was all business, but the back was a full on “Jenny From The Block” party! It looked like I had a donk, Christmas Ham, or in most general terms, “butt”. Mission accomplished!

These babies were purchased without hesitation! I didn’t even mind the extra sales tax. I was so blindsided I didn’t even take a “selfie” in the dressing room. DRATS!

Oh well…here’s the proof!



I took a rear shot, but it was a bit ridiculous for the internet. I have to maintain my modesty here!

It doesn’t even matter what anyone else thinks of me in them, because I love them. I have been having a hard time with obsessing over what others think, but this is just one of those examples where I’m going to say, “I LOVE MY BODY AND BOOTY!” 

…which is why…in short, I think you should get some for yourself too!

What’s your go to brand for jeans? Do you find the best stuff when you intentionally shop or when you stumble upon something like I did?

Peace, love, and booties!


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