I Gained Five Pounds And Am Exhaling

I honestly had no idea until I stepped on the scale (which I hardly ever do). I normally do not weigh myself daily, weekly, or even monthly. I go by the fit of my pants and how I look and feel. I am a strong believer in “no scales, no fails!” Which is why…I’m exhaling and not inhaling/holding my breath until the weight comes off…

You see…once you begin to get into the habit of weighing yourself…it

1) becomes an obsession

2) sets you up for failure by not noticing anymore weight coming off since the day before you weighed yourself

3) is honestly just a number

Most women would freak the eff out if they gained even a pound or two- but personally, I welcomed the weight. On my 5 foot frame, it’s apparently extremely noticeable, but I really am not living my life for anyone else but myself. (and neither should you!)

My father originally noticed and secretly said something to my mother about it. His theme song in life should be “Your So Vain” because even at 50, he still cares about what everyone thinks. Beauty is more than SKIN-NY deep!

Anyway, I figured I’d share this minor setback just so you guys can stop freaking out about the scale and weight and inches and blah, blah, blah. I used to routinely weight myself every morning and it honestly set my entire days up for failure. Some people view it as a positive, but for me it was easily the apple in the Garden of Eden and all hell broke loose afterwards.

I never ever want to look like a starved child. I have muscle and I have fat. I am woman, hear me roar!

I also was blessed/cursed (depending on the day) with curves and I have learned to love them. Prior to my weight loss, my chest was coming in at a 36G, so I am super happy to be where I’m at today. (more frustrating than ego boosting…TRUST ME!)

Circa 2008. Fondue fight. Boobs are kinda jealous the face is getting all the attention.

I’ve found what exactly works for me and what doesn’t at this stage of the weight loss game. I am maintaining my 45 pound loss pretty well. The +5 pounds occasionally happens to me when I decrease my workouts which then leads to an increase in my sugar cravings.

I have no worries because it has happened before, it will happen again, and I am only human.

Imperfections are the spice of life, are they not?

I attribute the extra weight loss at the time to my intense amount of cardio. I was literally eating all veggies and hardly any carbs and exercising for almost 2 hours per day. I wasn’t intentionally trying to lose any weight- sometimes I get into exercise kicks and can sweat for hours! I hadn’t realized any change until going to the store and noticing I had dropped from a size 4 to a 0…all within about 2 months! Cray, right?

I don’t know about you guys but I was not comfortable a few months ago when I could fit into a size 0. I felt like I looked like a boy and could count my ribs from 50 yards away.ย Thatย scared me.

I’m pretty sure the weight will come off after I have recently become an endorphin craving fiend…in the form of running! I hope this continues when fall hits, as I am so NOT a cold person. (HATE the dreadmill!)

I am happy to report that my size 2 and 4 clothes still fit perfectly fine. I am still working out and most importantly eating, indulging, and smiling.

I leave you with a few tips if you’ve noticed a recent weight gain as well:

1. If you haven’t started- you MUST food log. Seriously- it may be a pain in the a, but it’ll help you tweak what nutrients you are taking too much/not enough of. (HINT HINT- Instagram is a godsend for things like this ;))

2. Have you recently been affected by a trauma or life-changing event? Even if you are still regularly eating well and exercising, sometimes our emotions can affect us more than we think. (increases production of cortisol- which may in turn cause you to eat more)

3. Sleep more, burn more. The more sleep you get, the more you burn. As you know, our bodies are mini furnaces and especially at night- our cells use all they fuel they obtain throughout the day to repair and restore our parts so we’re ready for the day. Less sleep = not enough time for cell renewal/production (Cue: dark eye circles and hunger cravings!)

4. Are you repeatedly performing the same exercises? This can lead to a plateau- which can ultimately lead to weight gain. Our muscles are super smart and adapt very quickly to outside stimuli. If you are at month 7 of your weight loss journey and still doing that same workout video, here enlies the problem.

5. ALL LIQUIDS COUNT. All too often, I notice people disregard what they are drinking as a real threat to their diet. In reality, this (and too much snacking) is probably what’s sending you over your calorie threshold for the day. For example, my mother drinks Diet Coke/Coke like it’s the holy water straight from Jerusalem. I have been working with her to create a healthier, active lifestyle, but she stands firm on the soda issue. Even after I told her all about how it’s the same chemicals used to clean toilet bowls…she wouldn’t budge…but yeah…bottom line is…she is chugging more than just one soda per day…and she actually thinks it’s not hampering her weight loss or her overall health for that matter.ย I GOT NEWS FOR YA PEOPLE…just because it says DIET still doesn’t mean it’s good for you! Many times sodium in the diet sodas causes weight gain and bloating. Hence, more harm than good.

Oh and one more thing in relation to drinks…yes, alcoholic bevs count. Even if you have one shot of vodka it’s still calories! I used to have a friend who thought just because it was clear meant it was EMPTY cals. SERIOUSLY? I also blame the liquor companies…have you noticed hard liquor does not have any nutritional info most of the time? Ok. END RANT. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you ever struggled with weight? What keeps you motivated? How do you try regaining or losing it all?

Peace, love, and weight!


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10 Responses to I Gained Five Pounds And Am Exhaling

  1. Mindy Artze says:

    Food journaling is the only thing that works for me!!

  2. This really is a great post. I love where you state “Beauty is more than SKIN-NY deep!” So true!
    I like your tips as well…I totally believe in keeping a food log. I use LoseIt, not for “losing weight” but to track what nutrients I’m bringing in, or what I should limit. It’s been a life changer for me.

  3. Elle says:

    I gained about 7 pounds while training for my half marathon in the Spring and I was freaked out about it! Did lose it though… I have been a Weight Watchers lifetime member for many many years, well under my official goal weight and I follow the plan loosely and weigh in there regularly. The only time I ever weigh.

    Love your kitty and hearts.

    • choc3178 says:

      oh yeah, was on weight watchers for quite a few years in high school. It was the best “diet” I ever tried. I think because it taught you to eat real food and portion sizes, etc. Will always toot their horn for giving me those skills that I have today! …congrats on a half marathon girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kate says:

    I can’t believe you’ve lost 45 lbs! You don’t even look like what you used to in your picture. Keep up the good work–the scale only reads a number. Your fitness journey is so much more than that!

  5. Love this post! Great job on the weight loss of 45 lbs! Wow! I love the fact that you point out several times that it’s ok to not freak out. The most important part is to be happy with yourself and it’s quite obvious that you are. ๐Ÿ™‚

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