#WIAW- Going Pseudo Veg at the Beach

Up until about three months ago, I was always one of those people who chimed in with, “I’ll never give up meat” on any veg/vegan convo.

I’ve toyed with the idea and after reading more than I would like to and being exposed to more information than I would like to, I have realized subconsciously over the past couple of months, I’ve been eating pretty much a vegetarian diet…with the exception of some nitrite free bacon or seafood thrown in! (How’s that for subliminal messaging?)

The beach has served as sort of my laboratory for this hypothesis with myself. It’s acted as a cultivator towards this newer, healthier (I believe) lifestyle I am (apparently) trying to adopt.

I have been eating about half out and half at home, so the following includes a photo dump of both…

^Watermelon feta salad with mint and lemon juice- yes this has already been recreated at home! YUMTASTIC. (North End Bar & Grill- Wildwood, NJ)

A shy salad which packed a big punch! (Chopped roasted pepper chickpea salad) (Also another North Shore dish.)

Healthy snack: Frozen banana thawed for 10 minutes with cinnamon and some cinnamon Puffins

My new favorite Larabar: Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte

Regularly appearing in my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners: Portobello cap with egg omelette on top

I warned you there would be some exceptions…that’s why I titled it “pseudo veg”…here’s the first….Maryland style crabcakes…these actually were not even that great. I think I had two bites…it can’t all be chocolate cake and cherries on top all the time!

Back to veggie lovin’… Don’t you just love reusing your Chobani containers?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tipsy after these…(NOTE…not drank on the same night…super lightweight, I’m a one drink Tink!) Left: Chocolate Kiss Martini, Right: Cucumber Mojito

 I don’t know if I told you but I gained 5 lbs. within the last month or so…these probably didn’t help the situation. I’m not complaining because I was beginning to look like a malnourished child and I also like having some curves on me! I’ll post more on this later…

Oh yes…they are back! You’ve seen these before…just had to share them one last time! Fruit cubes/fruit pops

More veggie medleys:

Oh and these were also too good not to speak of again…trip to the Chobani Soho flagship! Top right: chobani with pistachio and dark chocolate/agave, Left: chobani with fig/walnut/honey

Another veg exception…creamy broccoli soup with applegate farms chicken nugs! I was feeling super under the weather so this hit the spot!

Jersey shore locals- have you tried Living on The Veg in L.B.I.? Um it’s orgasmic…this coming from a carnivore…here’s what the BF and I ordered: roasted pepper hummus wrap (PACKED with veggies) & three bean salad- I only ate one half- so filling!, walnut tapenade lettuce wrap tacos (another WINNER), and the Amino burrito– lower right. We also had a pressed juice (the Calypso)- not pictured- consisting of: carrot, beet, and lemon juices. Okay, I’m now making myself drool all over again…

and finally…some pre-road trip fuel…my local Whole Foods actually has the Luna Fiber bars back in stock…Thumbs WAY WAY UP! The strawberry PB is my absolute mistress! (to my beloved NuGo bars)

What did you eat this week? Have you ever tried to “go” on a trend way of eating or diet? 

Peace, love, and will I stay veg?


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  1. I’m still jealous of your Chobani trip.

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