#MotivationalMondays- Under The Boardwalk Workout

If you didn’t know, I’m a sucker for anything motown, 50s, 60s, and also that little sensation- Marilyn Monroe.

I swear I believe in reincarnation because most of my logic comes from the 50s/60s era. (obviously with a little less “cult of domesticity”) I was so obsessed with these eras that when American Dream was on NBC for (too short of a time), I bought the soundtrack and pretended I was Brittany Snow in my poodle skirt as most of my other peers were engaging in teenage debauchery.

Needless to say, anytime a pandora jam comes on from this era, I. FREAK. OUT. It must be played in its entirety and I must have a completely solid internet connection. (broadband has ruined this experience for me before!)

I thought it was very apropos when “Under The Boardwalk” came on on my Pandora playlist while I was literally running on the boardwalk last week.

I completed two runs while on a brief vacay at the prized Jersey Shore. It’s honestly not what you see on tv, all you non-locals! It’s actually quite clean and people are actually quite friendly. I can’t say girls know what the word “clothes” means, but I can say I am not one of them.

Here was my first workout…well more of a runout you could say… (all thanks to the Runkeeper app…oh and totally taking this moment to plug my favorite protein bars- NuGo…they actually taste more like an indulgence than anything else!)

I also stopped and walked at one point… it was 93 degrees still at this time of night. Here were my leisure pics…



I so need to pin this adorable condo complex. This is honestly exactly what I want my first home to look like. (I know…champagne taste on a beer budget!)

And the 2nd: A little over 3 miles in the extreme heat! (also…not pictured but we did the Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Level 4 DVD. No messing around!)

Oh- and mind you- it was literally 105 degrees for the second workout…and afterwards if you thought I drowned in my own sweat, you were wrong…because I kept on sweating by completing a Jillian Michaels DVD with my cuz!

Speaking of my cuz- Ms. Emylee- I felt like I did some good in the world when I received this text from her:

(She also was super into my Sunwarrior protein powder- she fell in love with it after tasting one of my smoothies on vacay!)

Be sure to check her tumblr out too if you’re into fashion: talesoftheinsomniac.tumblr.com

How do you get your fitness on during vacation? Do you prefer inside or outside workouts? Ever been to the Jersey Shore?

Peace, love, and boardwalks!


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5 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- Under The Boardwalk Workout

  1. Nice runs! I love being outdoors for work outs. Whether running in this Texas oven, or lifting in the garage, I’m game. The more I sweat, the more points I get…….I’m the only one counting though. I just love the exhaustion after a hot workout.

    I used to go to the Jersey shore every summer as a kid; we’d stay around Avalon. Those were good times, I’d like to go back sometime.

    Have a great Monday, yourself, I’m ready for a workout in the heat now!

    • choc3178 says:

      awesome! Yeah, Texas would be way too hot for me, but I suppose you get used to it! Oh yeah, avalon is like 10 minutes from wildwood…It’s the less touristy beach over there! Happy workout!

  2. Killer workouts, man! You’re amazing.

    And I’m obsessed with that era too … it looks like a Marilyn Monroe museum threw up in my apartment. I have SO MUCH paraphernalia.

  3. Maria @ Lil Mys Ninja says:

    Go girl! That’s too hot to be running 🙂 Talk about determination! I love RunKeeper!

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