The Results Are In: Seeing IS Believing!

According to my high school guidance counselor, (8 years ago- I know I keep things so relevant), 60% of the world are visual learners, while the other 40% are able to take it all in and perform just as well at a task by simply listening.

I fall under the 60 and I am happy I do as it has enabled me to reach where I am today in life. (in terms of fitness and knowledge)

This “seeing is believing”/visual learning philosophy is applied to all areas in my life, not just fitness: my relationships, religion & occupation stand out as the defining ones. Oh and yes, this makes me a Belieber too. (love that little J-biebs!)

I came up for the idea for this post while running on the treadmill and hearing the constant nagging voice in my head pop up again. It always says, “sweat harder” or “if you can hold a conversation right now, you’re not really working at your maximum potential.” The “GO” factor if you will.

I gave in as usual to the voice, but then realized why I was actually performing what my mind was telling me was because it actually yielded results. SWEAT = RESULTS. OUT OF BREATH = RESULTS. TWINKIES = RESULTS. (Okay, maybe not the kind that are aligned with this post, but you get the idea…)

It makes sense. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, then the choo choo train of change comes around and sorry to say- You. Must. Get. On. This goes for all of you who also workout like triathletes and then have a binge party refueling with the wrong kinds of “c” (carbs, chocolate, cheese…) words…and yes, I have plead guilty one too many times to this.

I cannot tell you how many times I want to raise my hand and voice my opinion to those I hear in the gym, doctor’s offices, or beach. Always complaining about the plateau they’ve reached but never using their visual learning skills and realizing that something’s gotta seriously change to ensure you’ll achieve the goals you so desire.

Here are some examples that pose as great motivators to change your habits:

So now that you’ve read this post, what will you be doing to change?

1. Get rid of negative weight. I’m referring to your scale. Maybe don’t get rid of it, but seriously, hide it and only try weighing yourself once per week instead of every day twice a day. Personally, I’m not a scale believer. Someone asked me my weight at the doc’s office the other day and they thought it was bizarre I did NOT know. I go by how my clothes fit and how I LOOK in the mirror. I suggest you start this way too. Otherwise, you may become discouraged and completely get thrown off your weight loss train.

2. Positive Pep Talks. Speaking of mirrors, get used to looking at your reflection. At least twice to three times a day. Whether it be in a full length mirror, car mirror, compact mirror, or even using your phone camera as a pseudo-mirror. I want you to look at yourself and say at least two positive things you are experiencing currently. You have to look in the mirror and do this. It’s a requirement. The mirror aids you in actually believing what you’re saying. (I do this on a daily basis- sometimes 3 times a day- it gets addicting after a while.)

3. It Takes Two- Hold yourself accountable through helping others. A kind of “Paying it forward” (if you will) may be the best way to keep yourself (and weight loss) in check. For instance, I have been helping my mother structure healthier meals and incorporate walks into her lifestyle. I have only gone off track once in doing this because I want to be her “healthy pillar”. (This may be a little bit of my people pleasing persona sneaking in here too, but either way, it’s all done with positive intent.) It’s truly the perfect symbiotic relationship. Even if you are just trying to jumpstart your weight loss, you should find someone who is doing the same so both of you can bounce off of each other. 2 pairs of feet are better than one!

Are you currently trying to change something in your life? How are you trying to go about this? 

Peace, love, and results!



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5 Responses to The Results Are In: Seeing IS Believing!

  1. i love the “if you do what you always do, you will get what you always got” quote. i really want to get a print of it – so so so true & so motivating!

    it’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone! 🙂

    • choc3178 says:

      for sure! I had seen this quote a while ago and thought…well, duh. It’s so funny but I never thought of change so simply like that.

  2. Elle says:

    Great kick in the butt! Thanks for that. 🙂

  3. Charissa says:

    Great quotes – I love the before and after of JM! She is SUCH an inspiration!

  4. Love this post! I measure by my clothes too 🙂

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