#MotivationalMondays- Just Keep Swimming

It’s old news that summer is here with a fiery vengeance and she’s here to stay. While I’m rejoicing, most others are wasting their precious energies with complaining and basking in the A/C, which will most likely do more harm than good eventually. (Can you say brown out?)

This past weekend I was so bored that I almost settled with watching the History channel. (I’ll admit there are certain shows I am genuinely interested in, but for the most part, I’m looking for scripted entertainment to bring out the laughs in me when it comes to television.)

That being said, I gained a shot of #FitFluential in me, when I saw this:

Within about five minutes, I was all ready for a workout, but honestly had no  idea what I was going to do. It dawned on me that my above ground pool would serve as the vehicle to my sweat and with that, I was changing into my swim attire.

You Should Know: I am not much of a swimmer. I’m a doggie paddle kind of girl when it comes to most bodies of water, because I’m a whimp when it comes to breathing in between laps. I have never been able to get that cool Olympic swim all the athletes do…you know the one where they breathe to the side? It always looks super fluid, but when I try it, there’s more water up my nose than air and I seem to be nursing an ear infection for eternity afterward.

Anyway, I chose to go with the basic swim moves for this workout. I have no idea the dimensions of my pool (which is the reason why I’m a writer instead), but maybe it was something like 20 feet on all sides.

I warmed up with some yoga poses first. (Downward dog, pigeon pose, warrior)

Warning: Please bare with my lack of swim terminology below. I probably should still be wearing swimmies for that reason.

Okay. Game Face=On!

“The Swim” consisted of:

-10 warm up underwater laps

-10 above water laps

-20 doggie paddles back and forth (really works the tri’s)

-20 crunches using the side of the pool

-30 backstrokes

-30 frog laps

If you are also asking, Where are all the PROOF pictures? Then, you really should change your career to private investigator…or just know that I have an warranted fear of any kind of cameras or cell phones near water. (Even if they’re waterproof!)…or third reason, I need a camera man! (I’ll pay you in food!)

After this workout: I rationalized that the entire cast of The Perfect Storm probably didn’t know how to properly swim either, so it’s okay. And with that being said, I decided to engross myself in this halfway to sangria bev!

Do you swim? Where are your favorite places to do so? Any tips for an amateur?

Peace, love, and swimming!


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5 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- Just Keep Swimming

  1. I wish I swam more. And I wish I had an outdoor pool. My gym has an indoor one, but I just never think to use it … it’s really something I should take advantage of! Sounds like you had a crazy good workout!

    • choc3178 says:

      You know what’s so weird…mine does too, but I’m always too embarrassed/self conscious to use it…yet I have no problem displaying myself on my blog all the time. I feel like you guys on here won’t judge me as much as strangers do there, I guess, if that makes any sense, lol.

  2. I love swimming. Before I bought home gym equipment, I used the pool at my then gym and worked up to swimming for over an hour on most work outs. Now I just have the community pool in our neighborhood and there’s kids in there at all times!

    I know, it’s good they are outside being active, but I want to swim more!

    Anyway, looks like you did some good w/o’s. If you want, doing several “sprints” by going as fast as you can to one side, resting, then going back can always be fun but challenging. Enjoy!

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  4. I’m totally jealous! We haven’t put up our pool because we still need to even out the yard a little bit more. 🙁

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