-Things To Try Thursdays- Kayaking: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

For those of you who don’t know me, adventurous is not something I’d put as a word in one of those acrostic poems we all did every year of in the beginning of grade school. I live life walking a straight line and hardly ever veer off (unless it’s to splurge on shoes or vacations), so this year I am deciding to at least give the road less traveled a fair shot.

That being said, I have done a handful of things this year already that’s wayyyy out of my comfort zone. I decided to give kayaking a try last year in the bay down by Cape May and absolutely loved it. It was late in the season, but I desperately wanted to continue.

Now that it’s officially summer, I am back on the kayaking/water sport track again. The bay was a moderate challenge for me, so I decided to give the Delaware River a whirl.

My problem these days consists of what most twenty-somethings lives consists of. Change, change, change. In my case, it’s the fact that most of my close friends have up and left so I usually only have acquaintances to carouse around with. (Not the funnest situation. No one gets my scientific sense of humor or my sick obsession with my dogs.)

That being said, I ended up getting lucky and taking my cousin Emylee with me for this excursion. We decided it was better to go earlier than later, considering the place is an hour and half away. We arrived around 10:30 A.M. for an 11:00 departing time.

It was actually feeling like fall, so I obviously came equipped with my old Hofstra sweatshirt and shorts. Thankfully it begun to warm up by the time 11 rolled around, so off went the sweatshirt and on went the life jacket! (BTW– mine came equipped with a Dora The Explorer whistle- way too excited for that!)

My fear of dropping my iphone in the water or us capsizing prevented me from taking glorious pictures. (I think I made the right decision as someone in our kayak group actually flipped over and was cut off from the world as all of his technological devices were completely soaked.) Some of them would’ve been similar to these though:

The river felt like an iceberg just melted in it, so there was no swimming for these gals. The river was also eerily quiet (being that it was a weekday, there wasn’t really much river traffic.)

Oh yeah- the place we departed from if any of you local yocals are interested was The Shawnee Inn – Shawnee on Delaware, PA. It is completely picturesque and comes complete with a golf course and plantation wrap-around porch! The staff is wonderful and really love their jobs and the place they live. I definitely would recommend this if you’re looking for a quiet getaway somewhere that’s not too pricey.

We originally were aiming for the 3 mile trip, but were super energized and decided to finish 6 miles. (My traps are echoing the results of that decision this morning!) The rapids were only small and located in a few spots (as this is the calmer part of the river), but I was amazed at how clear and clean the water was!

Nonetheless, I can check this off my fitness bucket list. I think my next challenge will be a rougher part of the Delaware…and also money to buy my own kayak! (I’ve only actually been in double kayaks- anyone know if single ones are easier/more challenging?)

Hopefully next time there will be waterproof iphone cases purchased and also waterproof cameras so I can share the whole experience!

P.S.- Here’s where we INHALED lunch afterwards: Shawnee Inn General Store. It’s honestly the cutest place ever and even has ice cream, so you know that’s a selling point for me!

Have you gone kayaking? What was your experience like? Where did you go?

Peace, love, and adventure!


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2 Responses to -Things To Try Thursdays- Kayaking: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

  1. So you live in PA?? I have family in PA! Okay, the next time I’m up north we totally have to meet up for coffee or something! (Or…depending on the time frame I have to work with and where exactly you’re located, maybe we can plan something fitness related to do! Like kayaking or hiking!!)
    You should have gotten one of those waterproof disposable cameras! That’s what I use when I go white water rafting. But they do have waterproof iPhone cases…just so you know. I think the disposable camera might be better just in case the river carries it off.
    Speaking of rafting…PJ and I actually got to go rafting in Upstate NY! Check out our vacation from last September…I’m willing to bet money we passed somewhere near you.
    (You’ll have to scroll past these recent vacation blog post. There were about 4 blog posts from our September vacation. We drove up to Ohio, then over to PA, then to New York City, and up to Canastota, NY!)

    • choc3178 says:

      haha no, I don’t live in PA. I live on the border of NY and PA in Sussex County, NJ. But yes- nonetheless, we need to meet when you are up here! I know, I was so rushed I didn’t have time to shop for a waterproof one. I wanted to buy the iPhone case but it’s close to 100 dollars and right now I don’t have that kind of money. So yeah, next time…waterproof one for 10 dollars it is!

      That’s so cool you go rafting! Love rafting as well! Sounds like a great vacation (minus the driving, lol)

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