#MotivationalMondays- Train Like A Man, Eat Like A Lady

I cannot tell you how many times I feel pressured to always “fit in” to my gender role. Sometimes I feel like I live in a time before Betty Friedan and bra burning were acceptable. Men and women are programmed from birth to either complete household chores or like motorcycles. The second you deviate from one of those these days, you’re usually classified as “one big gray area”, that not even Venn diagrams or NASA can explain.

In my case, I tend to like weights more than cardio, especially in the gym environment. There’s a very thin, fine line in between me and those weights due to the male species always sweating and grunting all over that section like a pack of turkey vultures swooping in after a kill. (Personally, I’d take a turkey vulture’s high pitched sounds over any of the men’s any day)

The moment I step over that invisible line I feel mentally and visually attacked by the testosterone. It’s enough to actually make me feel like I need to play Metallica and SlipKnot as I do my reps. I also experience a Twilight transformation (Taylor Lautner style) where my eyes are irrecognizable and I’m foaming at the mouth (for more reps.) of course.

I’ve turned into a man, if you haven’t guessed. No more Connie Francis, “Where The Boys Are” for me, my soundtrack has now evolved into more philosophically driven meaning, “99 Problems But Sweat Ain’t One”.

The point is…I’ve gained confidence enough to march proudly past all the turkey vultures and into my wolf pack. I only have eyes for weights and the turkey vultures know not to even look my way.








Gender rules are meant to be broken, so I highly encourage you to trespass. We all have a little Marilyn Monroe or Manny Pacquiao in us. Our environments tell our brains when to “act like a lady”, “think like a man,” or “sting like a bee.”

I promise I’m done with the pop culture references. This week’s workout felt like I was on a mixture of speed/uppers and possessed the endurance of the Olympic track team.

Warm-Up: 2 miles of interval training on treadmill (Max HR was: 178)

25 Reps

-chest flys

-clean & press

-shoulder raises

-bicep curls

-tricep extensions

50 Reps

-weighted lunges (25 each leg)

-back rows

-side raises (one arm at a time- 25 reps each)


-criss crosses

Added Bonus: 100 reps of PUSH-UPS! (GO G.I. JANE!) + 1 minute of diamond plank

So are you training like a man and eating like a lady?

Peace, love, and testosterone!


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2 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- Train Like A Man, Eat Like A Lady

  1. Maria @ Lil Mys Ninja says:

    I love the Motivational Icon! I may change mine to a picture of myself too! Go girl! The one thing I miss about my old gym when I worked at Blue Cross was the gym guys. Like you, I was one of the few girls in the weight room with the
    But I fit right in with them and we’d laugh and cut up while lifting weights. I sure do miss them guys. They were motivational for me!

  2. choc3178 says:

    haha thanks! that’s great that they were motivation, I find that most in my gym are just territorial juice heads. I’m sure there’s a few that are nice, but I kind of just get in and get out when it comes to the gym. I’m not a talker during my workouts!

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