#WIAW- Dare To Be Different- Weird Food Combos

“What makes you different, makes you beautiful.”

This is probably the only Backstreet Boys song that actually holds some truth in today’s world. Bullies at work or school are the new black plague and if you aren’t seen wearing your name tag for a day or come in with a new five-star braid that you learned to do via youtube yourself, be prepared to be met with lots of jealous stares or even worse…your name and face plastered across page 42 of “The Burn Book”. (Name that movie…)

It’s interesting that this country was founded on the idea of independence, yet in order for each of us to truly reach full autonomy, we are usually chastised for it in some way. (We all don’t work for Men In Black or any other positions that require a uniform. Although Secret Service would probably be my first choice if I had to!) Humans have personalities and identities. There are ten trillion examples of this- one of the most hot button topics- gay marriage. But, I digress. That’s for someone at the WSJ to delve into…anyway…

When I was a wee thing, I used to consume carrots, chocolate, and mashed potatoes all in one sitting. I originally thought (reflecting back), that it was due to my lack of developed tastebuds. Then, a few years later, noticed I was still consuming downright weird, almost vomitable foods. I guess my motto was, “It all goes down the same pipe!” Oh, wise beyond my years!

Anyway, flash forward twenty something years later and I’m still on a weird food combo kick. I actually seek out the exotic restaurants and have recently become safely infatuated with Anthony Bourdain’s adventures. This reserved catholic girl from Jersey is almost daring enough to try chocolate covered ants or anything else that isn’t staring at me making me feel as though my mouth is a murderer.

That being said, this past weekend, I took a trip to Atlantic City. (or shitty) as some out of staters may say. On top of the gorgeous weather and people, there’s also gorgeous food. (Don’t worry, you can still read on if you have a weak stomach- nothing too creepy crawly running a mock!)

We made dinner reservations at Buddakan, an asian fusion restaurant in Caesar’s. The aristocrats of the foodie world may literally scoff their noses at this place (as it is a chain), but I considered it to be quite palatable.

We began with Edamame Ravioli. Yes- you read that right- italian and japanese fused together. I don’t know about you but I prefer my raviolis to contain a meat or cheese, so this was quite different. Turns out- it was fantastic! (Thanks to all the Yelpers for the recommendation!) It had the consistency of cheese inside, but tasted like edamame. These three weaklings were gone in less time than it took for the world’s fastest car to travel the autobahn. (world’s fastest highway)

Other highlights of Buddakan: char grilled steak, house salad, and basil chicken (not pictured) It’s all worth the price!

Here’s an odd food combo I created: “Heart Attack” Salad- Bacon slathered with peanut butter, chick peas, strawberries, spinach. I’m pretty sure calling it salad is an oxymoron in this case because all the fats in there are enough to clog even the healthiest of arteries. Trust me, it was VERY good!

Ok, ok, I’m not weird all the time. Sometimes I create normal dishes like this one: Apricot tomato feta salsa w/cilantro & basil

Another salad with some coconut flour dressing (coconut flour, milk, agave):

While we’re on the subject of coconut, I also made some mini coconut pancakes for post-workout fuel.

…Which wouldn’t be complete without some Macadamia Cookie Coffee (adding this to the list of inanimate objects/bevs/foods I’d like to elope with)

Since it’s summer, the above wouldn’t have been complete without my agave ice cubes for a nice COLD iced coffee!

Here are my two sensible snacks: beets/olives (yes, I’m a freak- like ’em plain!) The Lean Green Bean’s Hummus Dip – AMAZING! This didn’t even make it for seconds…

Thanks to Jenn L. as always for hosting! Be sure to check out all the other WIAW-ers!

What weird food combos have you tried? How far would you go?

Peace, love, and weirdness!


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9 Responses to #WIAW- Dare To Be Different- Weird Food Combos

  1. Jessica says:

    The ravioli looks amazing….totally sounds like something I would order!

  2. I agree I think that edamame looks really good! I need to try that hummus! I saw it and was like….THAT needs to be in my tummy!!!

  3. yay for dessert hummus! and i LOVE that agave cube idea!

  4. Yumm I will have to try the coconut dressing!

  5. I’m a huge fan of anything weird combined. I really love nut butter on anything. And I mean anything. tuna fish is really good with peanut butter- don’t knock it until you try it!

  6. I absolutely relish plain beets! So good alone, there’s a reason they make beet sugar, right?

    The food looks delightful and I need to go make some dessert hummus now. Have a great rest of the week!

  7. Kailey says:

    Edamame ravioli? Now that totally sounds like something I would get haha

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