-Things To Try Thursdays- Prescription For Herbal Healing (Book)

Throw out all the stereotypes you want about herbalists and nature freaks, but they know their shizz! They aren’t all smoking mary j or sayonsse-ing around a giant Elm tree praying to mother earth for it to be “saved.”

If you didn’t already read it, I suggest you click back to my herbalist post from this past week. I met a real, live herbalist and while she did seem a little kooky (making us sing to the plants before we took a part of its “body”), she opened my eyes to a whole new world. I guess you could say she was my “Aladdin.” 

Keeping up with the theme of herbs I have going this week, we have another extension in the form of a book.

It’s about 1000 pages, but is the best investment you’ll ever make. It’s kind of like your grandmother rolled into one book. So many home remedies and plants you can find right in your backyard for many common ailments we experience on a daily basis!

There is so much knowledge packed into this book, it’s more overwhelming than when I studied for 3 weeks before the SAT’s years ago. (So what, I was a nerdy perfectionist if you couldn’t tell.)

Here are some snapshots:





The book is formatted for even the most amateur reader of words. A highlight of the book is it’s large print titles. So getting back to grandmas…even she’d be able to read it. (No offense.)

(Authors: Phyllis A. Balch, CNC & Stacey Bell, DSC)

I am super passionate about the field of herbs/natural remedies. Without the dawn of the industrialization era, I don’t think we’d even have such harmful pharmaceutical drugs exist today with such permanent side effects. Then again, we’d also probably still never have a cure for polio or measles or strep. I suppose as with everything there’s a give and a take. (I tend to be suaded towards the give.)

With today’s world relying on a doctor’s script rather than listening to their own bodies, it’s difficult for many to see the cure to your ailment doesn’t have to come in a bottle. Also, if you haven’t heard…we have something called an immune system. It’s really great. It filters out/protects us from germs and bacteria and functions even more efficiently than an antibiotic. You just have to be patient enough for those W.B.C.’s to multiply, divide, and conquer.

Oh and PS– I’ve been hoarding this book for myself out of my local library. There are about 3 people waiting for it. Let me be selfish for once, please! I promise I’ll return it…tomorrow?!?! Boyfriend…if you are reading this…get me my own copy please! 🙂

What should you take away from this post? If you’re anything like me and fear the doctor more than the most recent onslaught of zombie outbreaks, get the book! It’s not illustrated, but it’ll save you a trip to the doc when it could be as simple as placing a plant on top of your conjunctivitis. POOF! Redness, itching, and infection, GONE!

Peace, love, and herbal healing!


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  1. So what does it say for a sore throat?!? 🙁

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