#WIAW- A Dash of Color & A Lot of Chobani

Everything comes alive in the spring/summer season. We are no strangers to this yearly occurrence. This year is especially awesome due to the fact that I am learning to eat my colors and it’s the most optimal time to do so.

I know the theme is sensible snacking for the month of June, but I tend to eat my snacks so quickly in a hunger induced rage, that I rarely take pictures of what I’m consuming. devouring. This will be a challenge I’m willing to accept. (It will also teach me to eat more like a lady.) Speaking of ladies, does anyone else feel that we are sometimes pressured to act so daintily that it just escalates to hair-pulling status? (Or in my case, sauce down your face, non-napkin using status) {I really need to start meditating for focus!}

Anyway, this week was a little of this and a little of that with some color and chobani swooning thrown in. Even I was a little A.D.D. when I took a glance at my photos.

First up, we have grilled veggies over top brown rice pasta. Pretty standard except I was watching Guy Fieri the night before and had the urge to throw cheddar on top because it just makes EVERYTHING better. Oh and cheddar & better rhymes, so that’s an added bonus!

Next is: omelette with mozz and cheddar/cucumbers and a bitten slice of cinnamon toast

It wouldn’t be summer without some cocktails…I threw the mango rum into OJ and the double espresso vodka into my coffee. (Yes, I was most definitely double fisting. No, I wasn’t that rebellious to take the coffee into work. I know, such a buzzkill.)

I was in a hurry one morning and decided to throw this easy shindig together: 2 slices cinnamon toast (from local bakery), 1 plain chobani, PB w/honey, & mini chocolate chips.

Ok, I’m not PMS-ing but this is TO DIE. If you hate breakfast, I urge you to try this and then get back to me on how you “saw the light at first bite.” Seriously. Just to tease you some more…here’s another variation of that with chobani chocolate chip flavor: (The bites in the toast gives it more humanity, doesn’t it?)

Another deliciously satisfying breakfast:

Mashed mug cake (chocolate, strawberry, devil’s food cake, banana, & baking powder) with of course- chobani, flax seed, and chocolate chips thrown over top (This has become a regular recently)

I’ve also been a huge fan of snacking on a vanilla wafer and a handful of chocolate chips. (Should there be a limit as to how many times I’m allowed to say chocolate on here? The correct answer is: NO!) I recommend if you have a sweet tooth bigger than antarctica. (PS- This is not pictured.)

I just had to throw some pizza in there. I am usually very picky about my pizza, but I have to say this thin crust was delicious! It was from a local place that uses a brick oven, which I totally need to have once I’m rich. It was basil, mozzarella, and tomato sauce. Basic yet orgasmic! 

I had some tofu skewers/kebabs on the grill the other night. It was balmy, I felt inclined to put some effort into dinner, since I didn’t put it into my workout. It worked! I drizzled some apple balsamic over top and went to town!

I made these chicken thighs with my new favorite seasoning: Smokehouse Maple. (Yes I said chicken, not steak or burgers. Yes, it’s absolutely delicious! Doesn’t add any extra cals to your meal! Win-Win!)

What are your favorite things to eat or snack on during the warmer months? Do you cook more or less during this season? I actually LOVE grilling. You can read all about that one from a few weeks ago!

Peace, love, and summer!


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14 Responses to #WIAW- A Dash of Color & A Lot of Chobani

  1. Cara says:

    I agree that women are too often stereotyped as dainty, fragile, and fertile creatures. We are bountiful and each individual woman is subject to her own wonderful life! Cinnamon toast w/ yogurt??? Awesome possum! I love chocolate and all of your food looks great! I definitely notice that I am more motivated to cook/bake during the Summer. It’s definitely a combo of having more time and just the wonderful sensation in the air 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    Never thought about adding Chobani or any yogurt to toast!

  3. Your grilled veggies over pasta look delicous!

  4. I want to come eat at your house! And have a drink. Mango rum?! Cheers to summer!

  5. I love the idea of putting yogurt on some toast – will hafta give it a go sometime soon!

    • choc3178 says:

      absolutely! it’s heavenly- almost similar to a cream/whoopie pie minus the bad calories of course!

  6. That toast/yogurt creation may have changed my life. Whyyyy have I never thought to do that before?! I’m addicted to Greek yogurt and will now be trying that IMMEDIATELY.

  7. I can’t get enough of blending different fruits and veggies together with protein powder or peanut flour and multiple spices just to see how it tastes. It’s my alternative to ice cream.

    Of course, I can just eat plain, non-fat Chobani and be perfectly fine too! Crisp, cold salads and chilled soups like gazpacho are favorites too.

    I was cracking up while reading your post; I could just see your mind jumping from one thing to another…and then back again. I know this b/c I do the same thing!

    Great post, love the eats…happy wiaw!

    • choc3178 says:

      haha thanks! I have been hearing great things about peanut flour lately. I’ll have to give it a try! Oooh, and gazpacho, that sounds so good right now!

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