#MotivationalMondays- Interval Training

“Weights before cardio…because…it’s just better that way.”

Working out at my local YMCA for 5+ years now, I’ve heard anything and everything ranging from how many dirty diapers women have changed in a day to ambulance sirens (for a juice head who pulled out his back after numerous “look at me” grunts) to the most recent…misinformation.

I was plodding along on my elliptical the other afternoon when I heard the PT next to me say to a client, “Weights before cardio…because…it’s just better that way.” The girl must have been 15 years old and I really wish I would have outspokenly challenged his rationale, but I was a little sweat selfish.

I am no personal trainer when it comes to exercise. I have stated that many a time before on here. However, I do my fair share of reading and informing myself about fitness. I was always taught if you have an opinion you must present legitimate facts to support it, otherwise it’s null and void.

Case and point! This guy may have been a PT, but he clearly is treating this as just a job and in my opinion, misinforming the ignorant. Personally, I believe both weights and cardio combined create not only a killer workout, but long lasting results. Everyone knows this? Yes?

Maybe it’s just me, but when I do have to break up my workouts into weights and cardio, I do my cardio first. I also was always brought up to warm-up before any kind of exercise and this is the reason why I jump on the elliptical or treadmill first.

Nonetheless, I was still utterly perturbed by this PT. If he’s saying haphazard things like this, what else is he saying? General guidelines are great for PT’s to throw out to clients, but having no valid evidence as support…that’s a check minus in my book. I would hope the children of tomorrow aren’t feeding off of lines like this and being properly educated when it comes to fitness and health.


Acting like the informed individual I am, I decided to do my classic cardio before weights. Is this like dessert before dinner? In that PT’s eyes, it’s most likely eating a three layer cake and not wiping your mouth after. (cheating and un-ladylike, excellent character traits to have!)

I alternate my fitness affairs between interval training and pilates. This week interval training happened to take my breath away.

(PS– my warm up was for about 10 minutes on elliptical)

Then, I headed to the weights section:

What makes you heated in the gym? Am I wrong for reacting in the way that I did? Should I have said something to the PT? Stomp off below!

Peace, love, and proper information!


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2 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- Interval Training

  1. Agreed! You should warm up…so I too partake in cardio before! But man, your treadmill routine would kick my butt! My poor little short legs struggle at 7mph!

    • choc3178 says:

      lol mine too, but I have been doing variations of this workout for years now, so I build up a tolerance for it after a while, that’s why I have to increase the speed. I probably look like I’m running from death when I do this one lol.

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