-Things To Try Thursdays- Nivea A Kiss of Shimmer

By now you all know that I’m NO GURU when it comes to matters of the face. I still have no idea what the difference is between a foundation and concealer (I just had to google it) and the make-up that I do have it probably circa 5 years ago. (I know- major VOM status!)

On days that I happen to notice the cosmetics aisle in Wal-Mart, it’s usually because some kind of flashy new display has caught my amateur eye. (Very similar to a child’s eye movement while in a candy store.) This time it just so happened to be pink, shimmery, and the photoshop they used on the model somehow convinced me that I could in fact look like that too! Nivea marketing execs- ya got me!

Nivea A Kiss of Shimmer lip product is not only a kiss, but breath of fresh lip product air. I’m used to the generic chap sticks/sticky lip glosses that make you look like your mouth is sewn shut due to the super glue status. NOT CUTE.

Before picking this gem up, I had tried the Nivea in the blue container, (A Kiss of Moisture) and was generally satisfied with it.

A Kiss of Shimmer actually exceeded my expectations. Upon first coat, I was a believer.

Proof pics:

Qualities I loved:

1. Stays on for 6 hours (tested during my every 3 hours of eating/obsessive compulsive water drinking)

2. Lip Plumppage! Hello Heidi Klum & Angelina Jolie. (added bonus as I wasn’t expecting this)

3. Can be worn with a lipstick underneath (I put this over to mute the harsh red color)

4. Application is smooth, no stickiness, and the smell is addicting!

Again, I’m not lip/beauty guru, but I’d recommend this for anyone is an “on the fencer” about lip gloss/lipstick. It kind of combines the best of both worlds. Shimmer and color simultaneously! That’s almost as good as Reese’s PB cups…ALMOST.

Price point: $3.99- so no excuse there

*All opinions reflected in this post were my own. As always, I maintain my honesty when it comes to being paid or not for a review. To date, I still have not done one review that I received money for. When that happens, I will surely let you know!*

What are ya waiting for? Get glossin’!

What are you currently using for your smackers? Any favorites? Any tips? 

Peace, love, and lips!


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