#MotivationalMondays- Hit The Bench Workout

First of all- let’s give me literal BROWNIE points for actually posting on one of the laziest days of the year. I know it’s a national holiday, but the workaholic/control freak won’t let a post pass me by. However, I will be drinking some kind of alcoholic beverage and maintaining my 3rd degree sunburn later on, so I guess it’s a happy medium.

I wanted to reiterate for this week’s motivational monday just how UNIMPORTANT it is to partake in a weighted workout ALL THE TIME.

The past few days I have been busier than the Mars Incorporated factory pumping out candy in time for Halloween. I’ve had one of those weeks where I got my days mixed up and then actually napped and woke up at 6 P.M. believing it was 6 A.M. My brain should probably turn off all electronic devices for a few days, as it’s NOT flying as high as it should.

But hey- there are still endorphins to be craved!

I took this weekend’s workout to the park. My boyfriend lives in between the city (east coast speak for: NYC) and some really gorgeous parks (and hills) for interval training, tree climbing, roll down the hill competitions, and any other kind of training you can imagine.

With the out of the blue humidity and blazing sun for late May, I decided to yes, be crazy and actually run. (Great for my body, BAD for my hair!)

I ran 2 miles in about 18 minutes and then proceeded with this little number: (BENCH REQUIRED…or any other kind of inclined fixture)

Even through all that sweat you can still smile! #thatmountaintopfeeling

What are your go-to gym-less workouts? Do you make them up as you go along or pre-plan? Do you use the holidays to rest or work?

Peace, love, and benches!


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