#WIAW- Are You Gonna Finish That?

As a child, I disdained mouth breathers and cat hair. I can’t say I’ve ever grown out of those pet peeves, but I have added a shockingly new one to the list: plate pickers. And just as fast as I added it to the list, it seems as though, I’ve become one! (see more below)

As a child, I also was highly germaphobic. (So much so that I probably could’ve been cast as Jake Gyllenhaal’s “Bubble Girl”)

It all started when I was 4 months old (or so my mother says) and a relative tried feeding me off of the same spoon she had just saliva-ed up. A loud exclamation came from my mother as she dove in between spoon and my mouth to superwoman-ly save the day.

From then on, I suppose it was engrained in my nature to not share my kindergarten cookies, sip out of another’s sippy cup, or bite the same sandwich where another had just bitten.

In many ways, I still am that “bubble girl”, but the past week, I’ve turned into a carnivorous boar. The once goody two shoes, napkin blotting, classy girl is clearly on vacation. Why?

Well, because, this past week I think I’ve managed to ask 70% of the people I’ve dined with (a.k.a- my mother, boyfriend, sister, & one friend) if they were going to finish the rest of their meal. (I am a walking contradiction!)

I also believe at one point I wasn’t even asking- I was just doing. A little pasta steal, a giant bite of the same cookie, and even saliva swapping in regards to drinks. Could it be, at 25, I’ve started to become my own worst enemy?

The times they are a-changin’!

Something that will never change is my ability to snack. Most of my meals this past week have consisted of snacking (when I wasn’t boldly plate picking off some innocent soul).

First things first…I packed a homemade trail mix for fitblognyc last week. (which I never even ate until I got home any way) I threw in cocoa krispies, cheez-its, walnuts, flax seed, cinnamon, oats, and some peanuts. It satisfied my commuting palate after a 3 hour trek into the city and back. (That’s basically 1/4 of a day if you think about it…)

Let’s move onto my favorite new discovery of the week: Strawberries with The Luaghing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese. I’m actually thinking of smoothie-ing these ingredients up too, because it’s just too good to only exhaust as a snack.

I think this is the only meal I captured where the question, “Are you gonna finish that?” didn’t exit my mouth. How could it- when this ginorm thing is in your face?

Another thing I’m LOVING that I found is: Biscoff Spread. These have been raping the blog world forever and none of my local stores ever have it. I was lucky enough to score the last one on the shelf. Cha-CHING!

Drinks of the week: Sangria & Coffee (separate of course)

There wouldn’t be a little LOVE without a little HATE now and then, so I spotlight this brand of greek yogurt, Sophie. I’m sorry- but GROSS! These also list NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, yet they contain xylitol and sorbitol and sugar alcohols. THUMBS DOWN! Buyer beware.

I leave you with a sneak peak from my “Goodness of My Heart” this week: Chocolate Chip Oat Mini Muffins (Yes, mini’s again!)

Also- 1,000,000 dollars (or muffins) to whoever guesses what exact genus and species this is. (No peeking on my instagram!)

What’s your favorite foods to snack on? Have you been the victim of or committed the act of “plate picking”? 

Peace, love, and food hoarding!


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8 Responses to #WIAW- Are You Gonna Finish That?

  1. wow, our eats are spot on with each other. haha. new laughig cow cream cheese, strawberries, yogurt (excep I lik my french vanilla), and BISCOFF SPREAD.

    I also just had a huge salad for lunch.

    but really, I think it’s the newfound biscoff spread that makes our blog posts kindred. 😉

  2. I’ve been on the hunt for Biscoff spread too! It sounds incredible!

  3. Karina says:

    Everything looks yummy! Especially the Biscoff spread, funny how I had to mention that one, right? 🙂

    Now that I’ve started to change my eating habits it’s really hard. I’m a very picky eater, and I tend to judge food by smell and appearance 🙁 Bad, I know!

    I love trail mixes 🙂 and yours is especially yummy! I will make me a Christy trail mix version 🙂


    • choc3178 says:

      haha let me know how yours turns out! trail mixes are perfect on the go snacks because they contain almost as much nutrients as a full meal. Just add in some kind of nuts, carbohydrate, and something high in fiber/protein! I sometimes even cut up pieces of turkey bacon and throw it in just for some added flavor!

      and yes…the biscoff I made someone in my house hide so I don’t have to constantly be taunted by it. That stuff is DEADLY!

  4. Favorite foods to snack?? Oh there’s so many…but right now I’m loving a chocolate nut anitoxidant mix. My April foodie penpal sent me a bag and when I ran, I decided to make a homemade mix. And I use the Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips! Totally delicious!

  5. Meg says:

    cinnamon cream cheese!??????? no way girl!

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