#MotivationalMondays- “You’ll Be Sore Tomorrow” Workout

When it comes to fitness, I’m well-seasoned in exercises and instructors. I have heard everything from “My bad, I can’t count” to “Drop and give me 20.”

I am just like most who reach that inevitable “fitness plateau” and then search for another precipice to fill that valley of void. I crave oxygen and water like most living things on this earth, but I also crave sweat.

I used to shun sweat like the red-headed step sister I never had. It was a curse to “get sweaty” at the gym because heaven forbid my frizzy hair had a matted layer of sweat over top. (OH the travesty!)

I realized slowly but surely that not sweating was my problem. Then, one sweaty-less day, I decided to take a workout class. It changed me. Instructors seemed unable to pass Kindergarten with the terminology used during class, but hey! I was actually sweating for once.

One of my very first dabbles into the workout class realm was with cardio kickboxing. (If you’re not sweating in this one- you were not born with sweat glands.) From them on, I made it my mission to sweat every workout. Sweat really shows your working, it’s kind of my personal “A+”.

I wanted to share with you all a workout that requires A LOT of deodorant and after- towel drying. It’s anything BUT pretty.


Interval training for 1 mile on treadmill for 10 minutes

-I alternated between 3.7 mph and 6.8 mph for the first 2 minutes. Then increased to 4.0 mph and 7.2 mph for the next 2. For the last 6 minutes my incline was at a 3.0 and my speed remained a solid 7.5 mph. (I suppose this is some sort of tabata.

—P.S.- I was already sweating. 😀


3 sets each:

-Seated row (25 lbs.)

-Leg Press (70 lbs.)

-Inner/Outer Thigh (30 lbs.)

-Shoulder Press (15 lbs.)

Free Weights/Bar/Kettlebell:

-20 KB Swings (3X) – I used a 15 lb. kettle bell

-Kettlebell criss cross abs (15 reps) (2X)- I used a 15 lb. kettle bell.

-12 alternating bicep/hammer curls (2X) – I used 8 & 10 lb. weights

-25 body bar squats (3X) – I used a 20 lb. bar

-10 tricep extensions (2X) – I used 10 lb. weights

-15 Dead Lifts (2X)- I used a 20 lb. bar


-Heels to heaven (25 only)

-Whittle Your Middle Machine ( I honestly don’t know exactly what they call it…pictured below) (3 sets of 20)

-Ab X Machine- 2 sets of 25

P.S.- Can you tell this workout was brought to you by PRECOR?

Cardio/Cool Down:

I ended this workout with another mile alternating speeds. I honestly didn’t feel sweaty enough or accomplished enough. It’s safe to now say, “I’ll be sore tomorrow!”

Here’s a half-way through PROOF picture:

No wonder why people automatically think I’m a biotch- look at that mean mug I’m sporting!

I’ll leave you with a Monday smile! 😉

What is your favorite way to sweat? Do you wear a heart rate monitor or any other kind of device to let you know how much you’re burning?

Peace, love, and sore muscles!


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