Goodness of My Heart- Muffins, Muffins, Muffins!

I somehow manage to be the most productive when I’m the most ill. (At least when it comes to anything involving a computer or an oven.)

According to the calendar and my horoscope, this week was supposed to bring me new beginnings and career advancement.

The only thing I can recall that was positive was that until about mid-week I could breathe out of at least my left nostril. Alas, that has come and gone. Don’t you hate when you can’t smell or taste? It always convinces me to “not take advantage of it”…until it’s all clear and then I continue to go about my breathing and eating without the bat of an eyelash.

I am a goal-oriented, OCD, type A, so relaxing was not an option when it came to sickness this week.

I am failing my “baking from scratch” roots though. I’ll be honest. Hell no, it does not even come close to homemade, but for now- these boxed ingredients will do.

I made all three of those muffin types– Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, and Triple Chocolate Chunk. I can’t wait to remake these- homemade style. I know they will be that much more moist and tasty.







…and obviously these had to be delivered immediately to the church otherwise my pants would continue not to fit.

A quick aside– today is Meg’s #HighFiveFridays. I have been slacking the past couple of weeks with mine, but I was prepared for this week’s!

I signed up for a vendor show at the church to help out the candle company I work for and also display some of my baked goods! (Taking recipe requests now…….)

The show will take place May 19 from 9-330. (Not revealing location due to all the creepoids out there.)

We shall see how everything turns out. I am planning a package deal (candle and 3-4 baked goods), so hopefully that’ll reel ’em in!

What did you achieve this week? Do you function when your sick? 

Peace, love, and muffins!


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One Response to Goodness of My Heart- Muffins, Muffins, Muffins!

  1. Meg says:

    How exciting sweetheart! People will love your baking!!!!! 😀 That will be so much fun! High five! And thank you for taking part in HFF 😀 You definitely are not slacking 😉

    Love u gf

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