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Ever wonder how Popeye achieved those bulging biceps? Apparently spinach was the answer.

I’m sure the animation editors dropped some whey into all those cans of spinach…or illegally pumped him with ‘roids, which would be an absolute shame to the kids like me who watched and believed spinach was a genie in a bottle when it came to acquiring a physique like that. (Life spoiler alert: I actually was one of those kids who preferred spinach.)

Nowadays it seems as though the “meathead” muscle guys are a dime a dozen. With the explosion of Jersey Shore, everyone wants to garner this kind of muscly, juice head gorilla kind of power. The gym is the ideal location for these prime specimens. (After all the first part of the famed abbreviation (G.T.L.) does stand for gym.) And so it began in gyms across the nation. Grunts and groans because they are “working here, bro.” Along with their female counterparts- oranges. I mean guidettes.

As a person of an easygoing demeanor, I support “to each his own.” The meatheads know their place in the gym (anything made of metal and loud) and I know mine. (cardio and soft) I personally prefer the non-meathead in and outside of the gym. Who wants to be in the path when their next roid rage happens?

Anyway, all of the above was created due to a new snack I have incorporated into my workout regiment. They are called “Muscle Brownies“. My boyfriend was the discoverer behind this amazingness. In Jersey, these are sold at 711.

Basically, Muscle Brownie was created by Lenny & Larry– two guys who couldn’t be further from the meatheads. The company has been in business since 1993.

Upon opening these squares of goodness, you are a bit mislead. It appears as though it’s at least 1/2 a pound and is chocolate after all…so how can it be nutritious? 

Picking up the squares alone is a workout in itself. If you look on the back for nutritional information, you’ll find:

Honestly- it’s not as much of a life ruiner as some other protein bars on the market. Most of the ingredients seem alright as well. I found no HFCs, but there were some mono and di glycerides. FAIL.

I purchased the Triple Chocolate Brownie and have been eating half every couple of days or so as a pre-workout snack. These are incredibly filling & of course tasty! I usually am able to workout for an extra 20 minutes when I have one- but that’s no different from when I mix up a smoothie.

Lenny & Larry have muscle brownies available in four flavors and also have a line of muscle muffins and muscle cookies. (These I have not found yet.) You can order anything online if you aren’t able to find it at a store near you.

I am not usually an advocate of anything whey. I hate the taste no matter how I try to mask it, but these are quite quite good! Can’t wait to try all their other flavors…and for all you kids buying into the name, no muscles will be grown overnight after eating these. Maybe a belly or two if you don’t supplement a workout with it. 

Do you use any “on the go” workout snacks? Do you prefer homemade? Sound off below!

Peace, love, and muscles!


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