#MotivationalMondays- Wake Up Calls

Wake up calls can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Over the past year, I’ve had my fair share of those worst enemy wake up calls, but they have changed me for the better. Over this past weekend, I had yet another one of those wake up calls. It was a combination of my best friend and my worst enemy.

I have had my fair share of friendship abuse, all due to which makes me even more on guard these days. Keep your friends close, enemies closer.

I incorporate this philosophy into exercising as well. You can look at it as a positive or negative, heaven or hell, an accomplice or a villain.

I look at it as a positive because you are setting your current self up to be your best self. You can’t procrastinate and believe you’ll start that bikini bod series tomorrow. Because…well…tomorrow has come more than once and you still are in the same unchanged state you were. If we were able to think of a desire and achieve it without any work, it wouldn’t be called life.

This past week, I tried these two pinterest fitness routines out. Pinterest has been my go-to for new ways to jazz up my exercises. For those of us who need a change, boost, or fitness wake up call, I highly recommend consulting pinterest before dishing out hundreds of dollars on trainers and pre-made food diets.

Reasons Why I’m Loving Pinterest fitness boards:

1.You don’t have to pay for pins. Or to use them.

2. There’s NO WAIT for your next set.

3. It’s opened 24/7.

4. Most exercises require little to no equipment.

Pick Your Poison…

^ This was an endurance wake up call. We all have areas that need improvement and lately this is definitely mine!


This one from Courtney at Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life is great for days when you crave those beads of sweat. Full body!

Speaking of sweat…

I leave you with this smoking hot bod. All I have to say is damn girl!

Do you workout in the mornings or evenings? Are you on pinterest yet? If so- follow me- cdean17.

Peace, love, and wake up calls!


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