-Things To Try Thursdays- Crest 3D White Mouthwash

Do you take a second look at your pearly whites in the car mirror and somehow they look like 10 shades of eroded white house paint?

This recently happened to me. It was interesting because at home, in the light, they appeared to be whiter than the whitest of whites. However, I soon realized natural light revealed how everyone else around me perceived them: yellow and looking more like fake Halloween teeth than real ones

I am anal retentive, so of course I took this seriously. I had used whitestrips occasionally in the past, but am not a fan of all the fillers and additives in this little suckers. They ruin teeth enamel over time and contain cancer causing chemicals. My rule of thumb: if you cannot pronounce the ingredients, don’t buy it to begin with.

It’s 2012 and I really would like to set myself up to be the best I can be. Looking your best and feeling your best are the two integral keys to success.

So, one fine day when I had stopped at America’s favorite discount store, Wal-Mart, I decided to take a trip down the mouthwash aisle.

It’s pretty daunting and overwhelming to someone like me, who just wants something that HONESTLY does the job. But, I know big shot companies and most of them are no better than a homeless man’s defense of his need for money to feed his family…outside of a liquor store. Come on…

So I picked up Crest Vivid 3D White. It came in a bleach bright white bottle, which is probably what attracted me to it. I read the ingredients and they all appeared to be just alright for human use.

And so began the challenge…I’ve been using this mouthwash almost twice per day and have reaped great results!

Before: (Notice the yellow stains)

After: (Pretty much all WHITE!) 🙂

(Flash was used in both pictures. I apologize for my immense fine lines under my eyes. I’m a sun worshipper. )

It actually erased my coffee stains and I can now smile with confidence, just like they do in all the commercials. Now if only I could get a refund on those braces that were supposed to work years ago…

If you’re looking for a “quick fix” alternative to professional whitening or other whitening strips, give this a try. It doesn’t burn your mouth like listerine and I noticed a pronounced difference within 3 days!

The secret is that it contains a whitening agent within the mouthwash. You don’t have to worry about the messy trays, harsh chemicals, or trying to speak with this mouthwash. Also, price point: it was around $4-5 bucks for a regular size. Small investment for a big payoff.

So go and get your gargle on!… AND always remember to floss! All it takes is once a day…gingivitis (gum disease) can lead to not only problems in your mouth, but issues with your nervous/cardiovascular system! SO PLEASE FLOSS.

Do you currently use any whitening products? Have you ever tried any natural ways to whiten?

Peace, love, and gargle!


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