#WIAW- Laziness VS. Productivity

Thanks to Jenn for hosting! 🙂
Ask any college student around finals what keeps them going and I bet 85% of them will respond, “Adderall.” (PS- I don’t mean any of you reading this, or those who use the drug with great results. I’m talking about the abusers/recreational users.)

This was one of the many “hotcake” prescription drugs when I was back in college. I never needed it and I’m so anti-drugs I almost didn’t even know they existed until junior year. (small town routes)

It all made sense as to why student A sitting next to me in the library for only an hour was faster than me- student B- who was falling asleep over her 4th mocha iced coffee, which was doing more harm then good by placing me in a carb coma.

During finals week, I always would end up comparing myself to the studier in the cubicle next to me or roommates or the girl on the unispan who finished her 17 page paper in 2 hours.

Now that I’ve closed that chapter of my life, I actually look back with no regrets and know that I finished all of my OWN papers, did all of my OWN studying, didn’t cheat, and always handed everything in on time. I don’t have a devil in my head menacing with me for all of those things I shouldn’t have done…because it was blank when it came to that. I feel I did everything in my power I could have in terms of education and socializing.

This brings me to the question of laziness vs. productivity. Some of these college kids actually can be lazy and still be productive? Why? Because they cheat and weasel their way out of everything or take a drug to enhance their speed and “intelligence.” So in turn, they obtain the “A” in an unorthodox way and are hence deemed “productive.”

What does this all have to do with food? Well I can relate to laziness on many days when I honestly have no effort left in me. I take the easy way out just like most of America- but I choose my meals wisely.

This week’s eats were a combo of fancy restaurants and TLC meals made at home. So in a sense- laziness VS. productive eating.

First off-  (We’ll start off with productive.) I went off coffee a few weeks ago and what replaced the obsession? Bacon. Bacon- of all things. I am not a pork liker or even lover, so this was a very bizarre inclusion. I whipped up this bacon avocado salad.

Fast forward to the weekend…or think back to St. Patty’s day…this is when I went out for a friend’s birthday and had this marvelous display of hibachi. So so good! Those are scallops swimming around in the soy sauce!

Dessert break: Um- I have been praising these little tubs of Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen yogurt to the highest of heavens! They are available in: Raspberry Chocolate Chunk, Banana PB, and Blueberry something. Beware: these can and WILL be consumed in less than 1 minute!

I was feeling artsy fartsy one rainy day last week so I decided to make an egg with feta and apples over a bed of spinach. Perfect way to solace a sweet tooth!

Speaking of sweet tooth- Courtney who blogs at Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life shared this wonderful recipe the other day. Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal pancakes. I recreated them. DELISH!

Yesterday I was low on ingredients, but remembered I had ground turkey and Emeril’s pasta sauce in the back of the fridge, so here enlies Turkey meatballs with Apple Balsamic salad. YUMSIE.

Ok, Ok, Ok. Now for the exciting fancy dining…(or laziness)

First- I went to Patria Lounge and had this amazing little ensemble! It was an avocado, corn, tomato salad, calamari, yucca fries, and lobster mashed potatoes! Amazing.

Next- Get your opas ready! Greek Taverna in Glen Rock, NJ. Yum, yum. I had spanakopitas and a giant seasonal greek salad complete with POM seeds, which I haven’t had in a very long while!

Last- South of the Border omelet from my biggest, newest obsession- Stacks Pancake House in Hoboken. OB-SESSED. There was also an order of chocolate pancakes on the side, but they were camera shy…

The day wouldn’t be complete without an honorable mention for Yapple, my new favorite fro-yo place. Yep- I went for the real cookie dough again!


So there ya have it!

And ps- I don’t mean to offend any of you who use Adderall with great results. I am simply targeting those who abuse it!

Do you prepare your meals for the week ahead of time? …or go with the flow?

Peace, love, and great eats!


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