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What do hypochondriacs and criminals have in common? They both need help.

Being that I’m in rehabilitation for hypochondriac-ism, I can attest to the mind holding you prisoner. Criminals, on the other hand, there’s no excuse for. Unless it’s something minor like not paying parking tickets from three years ago. (GUILTY!)

Anyway, there’s a layman’s website to calm all your hypchondriac-isms and legal issues you face.

It’s called avvo.com and mimics the modern day version of ask.com, but with experts asking instead of that good ole butler, Jeeves.

The website contains Q&A for just about anything in the medical/legal fields. If you’re question isn’t answered, you can ask a question…FOR FREE!

This is my new hobby as a hypochondriac. I was struck with a foreign rash one night and was convinced it was the bubonic plague. Sure enough, these little experts at avvo.com assured me it was nothing a little sleep and valium couldn’t cure. (Well, they aren’t actually licensed to say that, as they didn’t physically examine me, but you get the point.)

The licensed doctors or lawyers will usually answer you back within 2 days max. (Mine was answered within the hour.)

It’s also a handy help for tax season and any other financial issues you may be encountering. I recommend checking out this site because:

1) it’s free

2) your questions are asked anonymously, but answered by licensed pros

3) there’s no limit to how many you can ask

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…this may make your symptoms worse (for all hypochondriacs out there!)

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