#MotivationalMondays- Run, Forrest, Run!

The recent unseasonably warm spell of weather has everyone seeing hearts, baby chicks, and wearing their flops. Middle of March?!?! High five global warming, I’m on your team!

With warm weather also comes the season of “the run” outside for me. I hardly drag myself to the gym in the summer, mainly because outside resources like benches, trees, and pathways prove to be just as endurance building as man-made machines.

Here’s my new FitRadio tank! So comfy and cute! Love the back! Thanks guys! 🙂

I decided to get a head start and make it a goal of mine to run outside whenever the temperature is above 60 degrees.

My neighborhood loop is about 1.75 miles, so when I’m feeling like Jackie Joyner Kersee, I will run this twice. However, since it’s tax season, and I have so many irons in the fire, once through was enough for me.

I also ended this with about 8 minutes of lower leg strength training.

1. Charlie’s Angels Lunges. Basically a lunge with a really amazing “I’m gonna shoot you” look. Switch and hold for up to 10 seconds.

2. Stair toe dips. Find an incline or pair of steps stand on one single stair. Slowly lower a leg until the toe is able to reach the surface below. You’ll know you’re doing this move right if the standing leg is bending as well. Repeat on opposite side.

And I’ll leave with you some pinspiration:

Peace, love, and warm weather!


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  1. Thanks for the motivation- I’m heading to the gym now!

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