#MotivationalMondays- Dainty VS. Dirty

Recently, my workouts have consisted of “bread and butter” type exercises, which qualify as routinely working out, but not as actually doing anything for my body specifically.

I’ve been severely exhausted lately, so just a half hour of cardio per day and weight training twice instead of 4 times per week has been sufficient enough.

As soon as spring weather gets here, my inner hibernation mode will be cast away and many more HULK attributes will begin to surface. (Down moment: Living in the Northeast might as well be Siberia…and it wasn’t even THAT bad of a winter this year.) #signstomovesouth

Anyway, I’m an avid pinner on pinterest, but don’t plaster it all over the place because I’m humble like that. I have a fitness board where I compile new quotes, pictures, inspiration, and of course workouts.

I found this one, which I dubbed, “THE DAINTY WORKOUT

And this one, “THE DIRTY WORKOUT”:

Which one are you feeling today? I think a healthy balance of dirty 4 days per week, and dainty the rest, is enough to keep your body lean and mean.

Always Remember: There is truth in the phrase, “If you’re not sweating, you’re not working.”

Get your heart rate monitors a buzzin’ and those sports bras saturated! It’s time to get dainty dirty!

Peace, love, and sweating!


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