#MotivationalMondays- Your Own New York Marathon In Ten Minutes!

After a weekend full of this…

And this…………………………

And witnessing at least two dozen NY Marathoners drenched in sweat looking for the nearest all-you-can-eat pasta place, I’ve been inspired to create “Motivational Monday’s”. I picked the perfect “cheat day”, #NewYorkMarathon day. Way to feel awesome!

Every Monday I will do my best to bring you my own mini-workout of about ten minutes in length. These are ideally done right after waking up (and maybe using the bathroom), but NOT eating. It’s best to rev the metabolism on an empty stomach.

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a certified exercise specialist. Moves are pulled from magazines and my own experience. Sweat at your own risk!

Today’s Theme requires little to no weight. You don’t have to run 26 miles to work up a sweat. Here are five easy moves done for a duration of two minutes each that will help alleviate your “Case of the Mondays”.

1st Move- Cobra Stretch– Start out lying face down on the floor. Place hands near chest on the floor. Push upward, gently curving the spine. Look forward. Return back to floor and repeat for 2 minutes.


2nd Move- The Jumping Jack. Do we need an explanation??
Start position feet together, hands at your side.
Jump out into and “X” position. Repeat for 2 minutes.




3rd Move- Bend, Snap, Reach. Can be done with or without weight. If using weight make sure it is under 5 lbs to avoid back strain.
Begin with feet a part standing forward. Bend down to left side, while maintaining both knees bent.
Slowly lift up and twist towards right. (This is the fun snap part!)
Finally, finish with arms tilted to the right overhead. Make sure not to turn whole torso towards the right, as this is an entirely different exercise. This is strictly for obliques! Start out on the right. Do move for one minute. Then switch to left for one minute. 2 minutes total!

4th Move- Lunges. An oldie, but a goodie! Do 12 slow reps on each leg. Do 8 fast reps on each leg. Then try jump lunges. These involve switching which leg is first in the air. So you’d start out with a right leg lunge and then during mid-air switch so the left would come down into the lunge. NOTE: Please be advised to never allow your knee over your toes when lunging. Always lunge towards the floor, not toward the front to avoid injury.

5th Move- Push-Ups. Yes, you read correctly! These are still the best all around body exercise. Hits every muscle and makes sure you really brought it on home! You can either perform them modified “girly pushup”, with knees down or “military style”. Legs planted behind you off the floor. Do as many of these as you can in one minute. Take breaks if needed.

Last move- a minute of breathe!

Now go eat your Wheaties! Or steel cut oats with flaxseed!


Peace, love, and endorphins.


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