#MotivationalMondays- Deceitful Exercises?

Good Monday, blogees and blogettes! I’m currently experiencing shoe-over from my trekking around NYC this weekend for almost a mere 24 hours. (The things we do to feel young again…) My feet are forcing me to take a voluntary sick day in the world of working out. (Yes, this is equivalent to a crack fiend that can’t get high. No, I won’t be eating more chocolate to compensate.)

That being said, I decided to have Shape magazine take the spotlight. The other day I was on their website and stumbled upon this article, which explains the most deceiving exercises we may have the tendency to overlook. (Deceiving in a good way…these exercises “tone more than you think”)

I have chosen 6 out of the 25 listed, that I will now take more thought to when in need of an effective exercise routine.

1. Burpees. These old-fashioned chaps are most convenient due to the fact that no equipment is required and you strike up a nice sweat after doing just 5 or 6. These tone everything in one shot- thighs, abs, arms, hamstrings, and even chest if you incorporate a push-up or two in between!

2. “Kranking” or Arm Bikes. I tend to look at these as the “easy way out” because they aren’t some involved contraption like an elliptical. The basic gist behind these krank bikes is working upper and lower body simultaneously. Even though there are no pedals present, just by sitting or standing, balance is at work here. These tone biceps, triceps, and even chest muscles.

3. Wall Sits. This brings me back to dreadful circuit training in gym class. Of course when it came to the wall sit station, I misinterpreted it to mean “rest”. My how things have changed…These are the offspring of lunges, so they tone your inner/outer thighs, hamstrings, calves, and even improve posture.

4. Supermans. These have been a regular appearance in my posts before. The reason being- they are imperative if you want toned abdominals. You can’t crunch your way to a flat stomach. Your back muscles also play a part in this as well. These tone your lower back, arms, legs, and improve posture.

5. Crab Walks. Looking like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid seems like it only belongs at the beach with children 8 and under, but these little pinchers are actually quite effective. They improve balance and tone arms/legs.

 6. Roundhouse Kicks. These aren’t only something you pull out when you’re starring in an action movie. Kicking is a great way to relieve anger and stress and best of all- perfect for toning up! Endurance can be improved through kicking, outer/inner thighs will be toned, and relief in the form of sweat beads and deep breaths will result.

You can check out Shape Magazine’s article for yourself and let me know which exercises you think are the most “deceiving”. Poor word choice in my opinion, Shape.

Sidenote*- Be sure to check out PowerCakes blog and read her resonating #MirrorlessMondays!

Peace, love, and effectiveness!


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