#HighFiveFridays- New Endorphins at Anytime Fitness

Anyone else feel like this week dragged on longer than The Odyssey? Monday felt like swimming the Atlantic and today is the English Channel. In normal cognitive thoughts, that simply means it’s equivalent to a very long week.

I even almost was remiss in noting that it was a four-day work week for most. But anyway, onto more pressing matters…like heart rates and treadmills!

A few weeks back, I participated in a #fitfluential chat with @anytimefitness as a featured guest. The chat took place on twitter (the modern day version of AIM) and was just fabulous. I wish these chats were available to me growing up, as I would’ve avoided a whole five year nutrition/fitness battle.

Nonetheless, after the chat ended, they announced winners of Chuck Runyon’s (Founder of Anytime Fitness) book and also a few winners for a free gym membership!

If you didn’t scroll through to the bottom and ruin the ending (petpeeve of mine) by viewing my free stuff picture, then I’m happy to say I was one of the lucky winners of a free membership! YIPPEE!!

I activated my membership with a gym nearby on Wednesday and am already envisioning actually completing pull-ups in the “man area”, as I like to call it. This place is small, clean, and friendly.

Best of all– no grungy, jocky juice heads flaunting their latest “new cut” on their arms. BLISS!

I don’t know about you, but I have major confidence issues when it comes to men in the gym. I have not had pleasant experiences in the past and I’m hoping roid rages aren’t a thing here.

From what I could tell on Wednesday, their “busy hour” only yields 5-6 sweaty people, and call me shallow, but they all appear to be normal colored and not beat red or orange from all those ‘roids and such. No grunts, kissy mirror faces, or crazy bicep flexing!

So the tail end of my high five goes out to Anytime Fitness this week for a pleasant, friendly, clean atmosphere! And I don’t condone copying or anything, but the Cheers theme song would suit you guys perfectly! (Am I dating myself?) 

Peace, love, and being where everybody knows your name!


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One Response to #HighFiveFridays- New Endorphins at Anytime Fitness

  1. Meg says:

    Loved this high five friday post 🙂 yay! I am so proud of you hun 😀

    It seems to me that we like the same type of gym atmosphere 🙂 This week I have been staying at my parents house and going to the gym here. It’s great! Today there was only 2 people there 🙂

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